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Friday, March 15, 2013

All Male Fiction: Three Doors Down

By: Head4U40272

Jason lived three doors down from me, in a small one-bedroom basement apartment with his girlfriend Cassie. They were a cute couple, and I really thought the world of them both. When I first met Jason, I didn’t like him at first. He was always making anti-gay comments, and whenever I was looking at him in the course of conversation, he looked at me awkwardly as if he were thinking, “you better not be checking me out!” Indeed, it was probably awkward, because I couldn’t help but check him out.
Have you ever seen those men who just seem to have it all? Jason was just that, a tanned, toned, all around god-like creature… and completely homophobic.
Fear is funny to me, because Jason was always trying to bring up the fact that I was gay, and then put a negative “this disgusts me” spin on it. However, there is a fine line between love and hate (apparently that is true) because he wouldn’t go away! My apartment was on the main floor of a house, and he would spend every waking moment with me, playing video games, watching TV, or downloading music on the computer. He was, for some reason, spending more time with someone that disgusted him than his own girlfriend.
Cassie noticed this too and undoubtedly was going over in her mind why her man suddenly preferred to hang out with a gay dude, instead of her. I watched her change in the coming weeks, and she even started to wear more revealing clothing. She didn’t despise me, and apparently she liked me and confided to me about their relationship.
“Right now, there is no sex,” she said. “It’s frustrating because I swear to god I think he is in love with you,” she bellowed.

I laughed at the thought because he was so homophobic and obviously had never and would never make any advances towards me. The closest thing to ‘cheating’ that ever took place between us was when he gave me a special code for my Playstation that allowed me to kill the boss on level five, and that was just a cheat code.
“Cassie, there is no reason why you would have to worry. Jason is straight; he doesn’t even really like gay people,” I said. I fidgeted a bit with the blanket I had over me on the couch, and she fidgeted with some strange keychain stress ball she had. We were both fidgeting. I guess it was because we both were wondering the same thing, why the hell was he over at my house all the time? Denial? Friendship?
“Look, I think he is either gay or bisexual,” she said. “I would rather him get this all out and over with now than after we got more involved.” She shot me a wink-wink, nudge-nudge look, and I think I shot her a look like I had a drink poured in my lap.
“Jesus, what are you saying? You want me to have sex with your boyfriend, and then hand him back over to you as if I was just a testing center?” I got mad. Why is it that people assume gay men will just have sex with anyone because they can? How dare she? I was secretly, however, plotting how to achieve this goal and accept her offer. I just couldn’t let her know that I was that ready to devour her precious boyfriend from head to toe.
Headlights appeared in my front window, and it was Jason’s car. I guess he didn’t know where Cassie was, because before he went home he came to his newly adopted ‘gay’ house and was surprised to see his girlfriend on my recliner. I could see she started in on her stress ball, and if there was any real evidence why she wasn’t getting laid, it was because I would fear any woman who dug her nails into a ball like that. I didn’t blame Jason; no guy wants to be castrated.
“What are you doing over here, Cassie?” Jason said with an inquisitive tone.
Cassie just shot him a look, and then looked over at me.
“I was inviting you both over for dinner. I am cooking spaghetti,” I said.
Cassie shot me another look, the stress ball almost exploded, and I felt a wave of holy terror cross over my living room.
“I make really, really good spaghetti,” I said. “Well, I guess I better get cooking!”
Spaghetti is something that I have to make from scratch, as I am Italian and Italian people have strong family traditions which require a natural instinctive special sauce recipe, which some Italians believe should be tattooed on your arm at birth. I cooked a good dinner, made nice salads, and handed over the plates.
“Oh my god, gay people can cook, man!” Jason said as he stuffed his face.
I shot him a look, and then without thinking I belted back, “Yeah, gay people can heat up just about anything.”
Cassie stabbed a mushroom out of her salad, and almost got twenty years to life for mushroom slaughter, making me think strongly about replacing her metal fork with a plastic one. I kinda felt bad for making the joke.
It wasn’t long before dinner came to a close, and both Jason and Cassie retreated back to their place, even though I received a blind promise from Jason that he would be back over later to play more video games with me. Cassie did not look amused.
So here I was, this very single and out of sorts gay man who, for some reason, had this bad case of the cling-ons. This was not an episode of Star Trek, nor was I interested in becoming friends with plastic wrap, and so I had to figure out what exactly was going on. I figured the only way to test the waters was to break out the beer.
I rarely drink beer. I think it tastes like piss and it really isn’t for me. I figure if you enjoy the outdoors, fishing, camping, (and drinking piss from a brown bottle) you are more of a man than me. I prefer Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum and Coke, and normally that is what does me in at the bar. It wasn’t too long after the dinner that I had two beers in, 22 beers in the fridge, and there was a knock on my door.
“Come on in,” I said, noticing that I was half slurring.
“I bet you’d want me to come on in,” he said. I just let that comment slide into the fuzzy buzzed area that I had developed and ignored it.
“Beer is in the fridge. I decided that all that cooking required a night with some great tasting beer, video games, and my new friend,” I laughed.
Jason just opened the fridge and got out two bottles. In the back of my mind I thought, ‘Great, now I am going to have to drink another one.’ Why did I say that all that cooking required a night with great tasting beer? Why hadn’t I just been honest? I guess it was because no one was being honest. I wasn’t being honest, and I don’t think Jason was. Cassie surely wasn’t being honest, as she gave me permission and then mutilated her vegetables in a heterosexual female rage.
The Legend of Zelda was on my screen and I began playing.
“How do you do it?” Jason asked as he arrived at the couch.
I just laughed. “It’s easy; you just hit this button, and then get your magic arrow and shoot until…”
“No,” he interrupted. “How can you sleep with a guy?”
Ok, so he was still all caught up in this gay sex questionnaire. When men do this to me I get frustrated, because if they are that curious then why don’t they just go out and fuck a man? What is so wrong with trying it once and then deciding whether or not you like it, instead of having to ask questions to people about something that is difficult to explain?
As all those angry thoughts went through my mind I just exploded. “Look man, it’s like my spaghetti. I can’t explain the flavor to you, and I certainly can’t explain the difference between my spaghetti and someone else’s recipe. The difference is in the experience, and how it tastes. It’s about the aroma, the texture, the spices. Sex is much like spaghetti.”
‘Oh my god,’ I thought. ‘That was the dumbest thing I have ever said.’ And yet Jason just sat there staring at me.
“I would love some more of your spaghetti,” he said.
I pointed towards the fridge. “Leftovers are on the third shelf.”
He, however, did not go for the fridge. “On second thought I have more of a craving for some Italian sausage,” he said and the next thing I knew I had a homophobe turned bi-curious going for my cock, unzipping my jeans. I kept playing Zelda, unable to really get any words out, shocked as I was, not that I really wanted to question or stop him.
I gasped as his hand went inside my pants and touched my dick. I instantly started to get hard, and then he said, “Let me know if I am doing this right,” and then he leaned forward and his mouth went down on my cock, his hand now rubbing his own jeans. He kept sucking the head and licking the shaft until his hands started pulling my jeans down, and removing my boxers. I just laid my head back on the couch to enjoy the sensations.
He was doing exceptionally well for his first time. The pleasure was overwhelming, because this man was so beautiful and I wanted to make him mine. I wanted his cherry. I wanted to own him at that very moment, and so I put my hand on his head and forced him to deep-throat me. I forced this once homophobic man to take me all the way in, to feel what it was like to have a cock deep in his throat. He moaned and gagged but continued sucking.
“That feels good,” I said.
I heard him mumble “thanks” as he continued to work harder and harder sucking my cock.
“Take off your clothes,” I said.
He stood up and took off his t-shirt. The treasure trail of hair that lead down to his fantasyland was about to be completely revealed, and as he unbuttoned his jeans there may as well have been a sign that said “Welcome to Paradise,” because he was beautiful.
My cock was still throbbing hard, and his was standing at attention as well and very nicely sized. I motioned for him to come to me, and he did. I took his cock into my mouth and held onto his balls, putting one finger in his ass. He didn’t resist like I thought he would, and I continued to suck slowly, deeper, and let him know that this was how a blowjob was supposed to be done.
“Oh my god,” he shouted. Cum shot in my mouth and I swallowed. “Oh my god!” he shouted again. His body trembled, and I grinned.
I asked him to turn around, and he complied. I spread open his ass cheeks and I began to lick his ass, and he made these incredible noises. I poked my tongue into his asshole and listened to him enjoy what was happening. “Have you ever had this done before?” I asked.
“No, never,” he moaned. “Would you, I mean, will you fuck me?” he asked.
I didn’t answer. Instead I spit into his ass and then onto my hard cock, stood up and forced him down onto the floor. Behind him, I grabbed the back of his hair and stuck my cock all the way in. In some ways I wanted to make him know what this was like, I wanted him to feel it, want it, crave it. I wanted the pain to hurt so good, that he would come back for more. I wanted to give him a real damn good fucking, and he took it like a man!
Harder and harder I pounded into his ass, and I watched the back of his neck and face turn red. He bit his bottom lip as I continued to pound deeper and deeper, as he rose up onto his knees and started to jerk off again.
“You’re hitting a spot, oh my god,” he said.
“I know. You can have a really good orgasm like this, now don’t move,” I said.
I continued to fuck him as he continued to jerk, grunt, and bite his bottom lip. My dick was thrusting in and out, deeper and deeper until I heard him again start shouting.
“Oh my god, Oh my GOD!” he was screaming. Cum shot all over the carpet below him, and he trembled as I stabbed my cock in his ass and left it there for him, to stimulate his orgasm.
I let him catch his breath, and then I began thrusting again, and this time his ass squeezed tightly against my cock, making it very intense. It wasn’t long before I felt like it was time for me to cum, and as I did, I grabbed the back of his hair and pulled tightly. The sensation was overwhelming and I felt my cock shoot and shoot deep within his ass. I also felt a sense of rage and power overcome me. “This is how gay people do it,” I said. Cum was still shooting out of my cock, deep inside him. “This, yeah, oh yeah… this is how it is done.”
After I pulled out, I rolled him over and fell into his chest. His face was still red, and he was just looking at me, with a sort of relief on his face that shocked me a bit. “You’re amazing. This is amazing. I’m sorry for being such an ass, man,” he said.
“I dunno, I think you have a nice ass,” I said.
We both laughed a bit, and then there was a knock on the door. We knew who it was, it was Cassie coming to collect her man, and both of us quickly scrambled and threw on our clothes. I tossed a blanket on the floor to cover Jason’s cum shot, and then grabbed a can of air freshener from the kitchen and gave the living room a spray. As I headed to the door, Jason sat on the couch and started playing Zelda again.
When I opened the door, Cassie was standing there tapping her foot, arms folded, and kind of surprised. “Took you long enough to open the door,” she said.
“I was trying to beat a boss, and he was helping me,” I said.
She looked from the front door to the video game screen, and then at Jason’s still very flushed face. “I see,” she said. “Well, I guess you boys have fun playing with your toys!” she said.
I just smiled and didn’t look at her, I couldn’t look at her. The whole thing was amazing and awkward at the same time.
As she left, I could see she still had her keys, and the stress ball had started to tear. Little white beads of stuffing were falling out onto the porch, and she left my house and headed back down to her apartment three doors down.
“Dude, do you think she knew what we were really doing?” Jason asked after I closed the door.
Of course she knew, but I didn’t want to freak him out so I said, “Nah, I don’t think she has any idea that you like cock.”
“Shit, I ain’t no fag!” he said.
“Of course you’re not. You like pussy… and now you like cock, too,” I smiled
“Yeah,” he said, his grimace turning into a smile, “I guess I do.”
“Best of both worlds,” I said.
“Yeah, so I guess you could say Cassie is my girlfriend, and you are my boyfriend now.”
“Uh, I wouldn’t go that far! Let’s just say I am a friend who can give you what Cassie can’t.”
“Cool, sounds good to me. I guess I’d better get home and make sure she doesn’t suspect anything,” he said as he got up and headed towards the door.
About half an hour later Jason was back knocking on my door. Cassie had confronted him, Jason eventually admitted what he had done, they argued and then she threw him out. She got her ‘test’ and I got Jason.
So now I had a new roommate… a roommate with benefits, and I wasn’t complaining at all. I got to have sex with a hot guy all the time, and sometimes I even got to hear him pounding some pussy, which, even though I am gay, was hot, because after the girl left I always got to pound his ass!
Cassie never spoke to either of us again and moved two months later. I guess she learned that the old saying “Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it” really is true.
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