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Thursday, March 14, 2013

All Male True Experience: The Burglar

Unknown Author

I woke up in the middle of the night with the distinct impression that someone was in my house. I slowly pushed back the covers, slipped on my shorts, and crept out into the hall. At first glance, nothing seemed out of place, so I went on down towards the living room.
I'd just stepped into the dining room when a length of rope dropped down over me, pinning my arms to my sides. I started to struggle, but the burglar touched my balls and I got real still. For what seemed like hours, the only sound was the two of us, breathing. Then, when he slammed me up against the sideboard that was on the wall leading into the kitchen, I felt the rope being looped around my wrists and pulled tight. When he was done, the burglar flipped on the lights and I looked over my shoulder, only to see a tall, bulky figure dressed totally in black. Even his face was hooded with a black ski mask. The only thing I could see clearly was a pair of glittering blue eyes.

"Well, this is a nice little surprise." he muttered hoarsely. He walked up behind me and I felt a gloved hand on my ass. "Good-looking stuff." he grunted, squeezing my ass cheek.
"Fuck you!" I snapped. The burglar yanked my shorts down, and hauled off and smacked my bare ass hard, making the skin tingle and throb.
He then spun me around and put his face in mine. "You better be real good, pretty boy." he hissed in my ear, leaning close against me. "If you don't cooperate, I don't know what'll happen."
"Ok!" I squealed. "I’ll do anything you want, just please don’t hurt me." There was also a lump in his pants of pretty fearsome proportions, twitching around as his excitement increased.
"I bet you want what's in my pants, don't you?" he sneered, thrusting his crotch forward. "Get down on your knees and get busy."
I dropped to my knees and scooted across the floor until I was close enough to smell his funk. He ripped open his pants and I was faced with about seven and a half inches of mean-looking prick. The thick shaft hooked off to the left and the hooded snout looked big enough to choke a horse. I stuck out my tongue and took a swipe at the velvet-covered knob, making his dick swing up and smack against his belly. On my next attempt, I managed to hook my lips around the crown and suck his skin up over my tongue, giving me free access to the gooey piss-hole and the stale cheese that was packed in behind his crown rim.
"Not so fast, sucker!" he snarled after I'd been bobbing up and down on his juicy pole for about two minutes, and saw his balls drawing up. "You ain't getting off that easy. You were just heating my pipe up for the main course."
He hooked his hand into the ropes that were binding me and crammed his other hand down between my legs. Then he picked me up and put me in the middle of the dining room table.
"Get that pretty ass up in the air!" he ordered. I pulled my knees up under me, and a couple of hard smacks landed square on my tight rosy asshole, making it throb and quiver.
"I don't take it up the ass." I wailed.
"We'll see about that." he chuckled, slipping a thick finger in my hole.
He wiggled it around roughly and my prick snapped to attention. After he'd fingered my hole for a couple of minutes, I felt an incredible rush as he crammed his stiff prick into me, right up to the balls.
"Nice and hot and tight." the burglar groaned, clamping his big mitts down on my hips.
The old table creaked and groaned as the burglar proceeded to fuck the life out of me. He drove it in hard, and then pulled out real slow until only his cock-head was inside. Once he had my channel all shut down, he'd ram back in deep, shooting sparks right up my spine. Peeking down between my legs, all I could see was a pool of juice that had leaked out of me and two pairs of balls waving in the breeze.
Once he got close, he grabbed the rope and rode me like a horse, churning up the heat in my guts until I popped a load that blasted against my chin. Then I felt the heat of his load spewing into my ass and the burglar collapsed on me, panting and groaning. A few minutes later, he loosened the ropes, threatened that he’d come back and hurt me if I called the cops, and then made his way to the door and left.
Tonight my boyfriend Jeff was a burglar, next week, he's going to be an escaped convict!
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