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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bisexual True Experience: Makin' It Happen

By: bestofbothworlds_87
I'm a single bisexual guy, in my early twenties. I work out regularly, am considered attractive by most, and, because of my looks and body, I never really have any problem getting laid. Even with my young age (I'm 23), I have had lots of sex with both men and women alike. However, I have never had a threesome before… well not a threesome with another guy that is. It was something I desperately wanted to do. But I didn't want to just tag team a pussy, I wanted to have sex with both the woman and the man.

Determined to make it happen, I hit the Internet, found an adult site for such things, signed up (I had to pay, which I wasn't too thrilled about, but figured if people were paying to advertise they would be serious about hooking up), and created an ad with photo, telling exactly what I was looking for. My ad was pending, requiring approval before it would appear on the site, but I was free to access and browse the ads already posted by other members. I found and answered several other ads from my area, which appeared to suit what I was looking for.

Over the next few days, I got a few replies back from those I had sent messages to, as well as some responses to my own ad, which had since been approved. In both cases, either they wanted more than what I was offering, they lived too far away and wanted me to travel to them, or I plain wasn't interested for whatever reason.

About a month later, I got a response that seemed promising. They were a married couple, both 34, both attractive and in decent shape based on their picture, and were seeking a bi or bi-curious male - or another couple with a bi or bi-curious male - and stated that they were quite interested in me. They lived about thirty minutes away. A thirty minute drive wasn't a problem, so I replied back, letting them know I was interested in discussing it further, and gave them my email address.

They contacted me the very next day, and after a few email exchanges, interest was high and all agreed that we would meet in person as the next step. Arrangements were made to meet at a bar near where they lived.

On the evening we met up, we had drinks, exchanged pleasant small-talk, and eventually moved on to the matter at hand, with them asking me what I would like to get out of the evening, if indeed we decided to go ahead with things. The bar was not that busy and we were sitting at a table in a corner of the bar with no one else too close, having chosen this spot on purpose so as to not be overheard.

After I told them what I was hoping would happen and things I enjoyed, the only concern that came up was that of the husband (I'll call him Joe), who was just bi-curious, had never been with another man before, and was worried that I might want to fuck him in the ass (after hearing me say I liked to fuck, in a generalized manner), which he did not want to do.

I explained myself very clearly, telling him that while, in regards to men, I had both fucked and been fucked, and I would love it if we both fucked his wife and each other, I would not try to coerce him into doing anything he didn't want to do. I added that if he wanted to fuck me, he could, but, again, it would be totally his choice, whatever he was comfortable with in the moment, and his ass would be off limits regardless. This seemed to relax him... and hearing me telling her husband he could fuck me seemed to turn the wife (I'll call her Jane) on so much.

With his concern put to rest it was mutually agreed upon that we would like to go ahead with things. It was also decided and agreed upon that we would go and rent a motel room, splitting the cost, as they didn't feel comfortable taking a stranger to their home. They were worried when they brought it up that it might offend me, but it didn't. I totally understood. We finished off our drinks and headed off to rent a room, me following behind in my car.

Joe and Jane went off to rent the room while I sat in my car at the other end of the motel parking lot. We didn't want the desk clerk knowing our business, nor having to pay more for the room because there were three people. When they came out of the motel office, I watched to see which room they went into, and then drove over, got out of my car, and knocked on the door as if I was just a friend visiting them.

Things were a bit awkward at first, with the forced small-talk starting up again. Jane was sitting on the end of the bed, and Joe and I were standing somewhat near each other facing her. During a lull in the small-talk, I finally said, "I guess we should get started."

No one moved. I wasn't nervous. They didn't seem to be all that nervous either. It seemed more like a case of not knowing how to begin. I suggested that the two of them start kissing and fondling each other, and then, when they felt comfortable, I would work my way in. They both nodded. Jane stood but stayed where she was, and Joe crossed the floor, embraced her and they began to kiss.

Their kissing led to fondling and massaging, and then shirts were coming off, then bottoms, until she was just in her bra and panties and he was just in his boxer-briefs. He turned and lay on the end of the bed on his back, pulling her down on top of him. They kissed some more and then she began to nuzzle kisses in his neck. He looked at me, and then gently pushed on her. She moved down his body, hooked her fingers and pulled his underwear down, standing as she moved them down and pulled them from his feet. His cock was already hard, a good 7 ½ inches, I'd say. She then went to her knees between his legs and began to blow him.

I watched for a few minutes, rubbing my now hard cock through my pants and then began to get out of my clothes. He was watching me strip, and when I pulled my underwear off his eyes took in my cock. I wrapped my fist around it and began a gentle pumping, with him watching every stroke up and down my six inches.

She must have looked up at him and had seen where his eyes were looking, for she pulled off his cock and turned her head to look over at me. When she saw that I was naked, not to mention hard and stroking, she stood, came over, took my hand, led me over to the end of the bed, and then pulled on my hand as she got back down on her knees.
She encouraged me to her husband's cock, and I opened my mouth and took it in. He groaned with delight and she moved in and began to lick his balls, causing his groan to grow louder.

Shortly, I pulled off and offered his rod to her. As she bent to suck it, I moved to unhook her bra, and she reached over and grabbed my hard dick in her hand, stroking me as she blew her husband.

It wasn't that long at all before he shot off in her mouth, and much to my enjoyment, his wife did not hesitate to lean over and share his load with me in a deep and sloppy kiss. I had told them during the earlier discussion that I really loved that.

She directed me to stand, told me to get on the bed and straddle her husband's face. I looked at him, remembering that he was bi-curious and had not been with a man before, and he gave a nod of approval.

As I climbed up to straddle his face, she left my sight for a minute, and I could hear her rummaging around in her purse. Joe opened his mouth willingly, excitedly, and I let my cock drop in and slide over his tongue. He closed his lips around it and began to suck around the head and a bit of the shaft. It was quite obvious that he had never sucked cock before, but having your cock in a sucking mouth always felt good.

As I looked down at him with my cock in his mouth, I felt the bed move as Jane climbed on behind me. I then felt her hands on my ass, followed by something cold. As she smoothed some lube over my asshole, I reached behind and pushed it in for her, helping her prepare my hole for her husband's cock, or so I thought.

Suddenly, something cold, hard and slick was at my back door, trying to get in. With the lube, and being no stranger to being fucked, the toy slid in relatively easy. "Fuck," I called out in a loud groan as my ass filled with pleasure. It wasn't a dildo she had inserted, it was a vibrator, and she had turned it on, full speed! They had asked if I was into toys. I told them I had used dildos before; either on my own or with a partner, and that was as far as the conversation on that had gone. Unbeknownst to them, I had never experienced the buzz of a vibrator up my ass before, and it felt absolutely amazing! It felt even better when she began pushing and pulling that vibrator in and out of me as her husband sucked my cock.

I couldn't last as long as I normally did with that vibrator humming in my butt and soon hit the point of no return. I warned him and, unfortunately, he pulled off my cock, stroked me off to the finish line, and had me shoot on his chest.

Once I shot, the vibrator came out of my ass and I moved from above him. Jane moved up and began to lick my cum off his chest, and I noticed right away that she had removed her panties at some point. Her pussy was shaved, with some hair above the lips. Her pussy lips were glistening with her juices. When she had licked up my entire load she again moved in to kiss me, and this time shared my own cum with me.

He stood up as we kissed, and when we stopped he quickly noticed how I was staring at his wife's pussy and asked if I wanted to lick her cunt. Of course I did, and he asked us to do a sixty-nine. I was happy to oblige, and so was his wife.

He wanted his wife on her back with her head at the end of the bed and me on top. As we got into our positions he asked me if he could stick his cock in my butt. "Fuck yes, there's nothing I would love more," was my eager answer as his wife took my cock in her mouth, and then I lowered my head to her snatch and began to chew on her clit.

When Joe started to push his cock at my hole my head flew off his wife's cunt and I screamed out, "Ahhhh… fuck, easy Joe! You got to go in slow."

"Sorry," he mumbled and eased off. "I didn't know there was a trick to it."

"Yeah, it's not quite the same as sticking it in a pussy," I laughed. Obviously, for my comfort, I would need to educate the first-time-bi guy. "Slather some lube on your cock and then work it in slowly, ok? Just get the head in first, then gradually work more in. Once you got it all in, just hold it inside for a moment or two, and then start a slow fuck and work your way up to a harder, faster fuck."

"Got it," he said, and as I lowered my mouth back to his wife's wet cunt I heard the cap on the lube pop open.

Once his prick was nice and lubed I again felt it at my hole. Now, after having received some instruction on how to fuck a man's ass, he was really great with the entire thing this time around, going slow and gentle until he was all the way in.

"Oh, fuck," he groaned as he felt his entire length inside my tight hole.

His wife pulled her mouth from my cock and said, "Mmm, you like that, dear, being inside a man's ass?"

"Oh god, yes!" he groaned. "Better than I ever imagined!" He then started to slowly withdraw until just his cockhead was still inside and then slowly re-entered. His wife then took my cock back in her mouth, and I can only imagine that she had a perfect view of her husband's cock sliding in and out of me from her vantage point. I in turn slid a finger in her cunt as I continued to eat her.

Gradually, just as I had instructed, his pace increased. He was fucking me faster now, but not quite fast enough for my liking, so I pulled off his wife's pussy just long enough to say, "Come on, give it to me faster, harder. I can take it now. Give me all you got!" And he did! He started pounding in and out of my hole as hard as he could, going all the way in and out, and I loved it!

It wasn't long before he was moaning and groaning that he was going to lose his nut. When he was there he yanked his cock out of me, and my cock was suddenly hanging in the air. I looked between my legs to see his wife's head tilted back and Joe aiming his dick right at her mouth. He grunted, and I watched as his cum shot out of his cock into her mouth.

I jumped off from above her, swung around, and immediately lowered my face to hers to kiss her and share his cum again. As I tasted his seed on her tongue, I let my body lower onto hers and felt my cock and her pussy meet. I broke the kiss and looked up to Joe. "Is it ok if I…"

Joe smiled. "It's fine with me if it's ok with Jane," he answered before I finished, knowing exactly what I was going to ask.

Jane was all for it, so I rose up slightly, reached between my legs, grabbed my cock and aimed it at her pussy. Then I lowered the weight of my body onto her, and my cock penetrated her right to the root in one swift motion.

I wasn't in the mood to go slow, and I didn't have to because this was a very wet pussy, not a tight ass, and I just started pummeling her with everything I had. We were both moaning and panting heavily and Joe was watching, eventually getting hard again with a little help from his pumping hand.

With all the excitement of the situation and the buildup, it wasn't long before I was ready to drop my load. There was nothing I would have loved more than to empty my nuts right in her pussy, but in the name of safety and pregnancy prevention I pulled out and began to stroke myself over the edge.

When Jane opened her mouth I quickly moved up and straddled her chest, took aim, pumped about a dozen more times, and then unloaded into her open mouth.

Once I was done, I moved back slightly and then bent over to kiss her and share the load. But just as my lips were about to make contact with hers, I pulled my head back and looked at Joe. I asked him if he wanted to share a kiss with her, but he declined, and so I shoved my tongue in her mouth to taste my own cum again.

After that, I went to the washroom to take a leak and gargle with mouthwash… not to rid my mouth of the taste of cum, but to freshen my breath out of politeness.

When I came back in the room, Joe was on top of his wife thrusting in and out of her. I moved to the bed and just watched. I was amazed that he came a third time. I mean, I could do that no problem, but he was in his mid-thirties, not 23, like me. But cum again he did, and when he came he came in her, and, after I asked, he let me lick her. I loved licking another guy's hot load of fresh cum out of a well-fucked pussy. It was so hot!

Soon after, we were dressed, and then exchanging thanks and other pleasantries. I jotted down my phone number, and then I left.

Like I said, I have had lots of sex with both men and women, separately, at my young age, but that was the hottest sexual experience I've had to date!

I hope they call me… soon!

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