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Friday, March 15, 2013

All Male True Experience: Almost Home Alone

Unknown Author

I'm a construction worker, tall and lean and, at 42, still toned to keep up with the younger guys at work. Winter weather being unpredictable, I got home early one day and was glad to have the house all to myself. My wife and kids wouldn't be home for a few hours so I took the opportunity to enjoy the Penthouse magazines and fuck-films I was able to sneak into the house. (The wife doesn't like me watching that stuff – says it gives me ideas; well, honey, newsflash: I think about getting off all the time!)
The only set-top DVD player was in the family room so I popped in a disc and flopped down on the sofa. Now, on the back wall, which is to the side of the couch, there are a row of windows, and a French door that is situated so that if you walked in that door, you would walk in to the open floor space between the couch and the TV. Even so, the room is at the rear of the house so I wasn't worried about people seeing me.

The action on the tape gets going, with some blonde sucking on a really long and typically manicured cock while getting fucked from behind by another stud. She's moaning with pleasure while her tits are bouncing like crazy, and I've got my jeans around my ankles and am pounding away at my now hard cock. I'm thinking how good it feels to be able to get off in the middle of day – so liberating to be alone – when I catch some movement out of the corner of my eye. I'll be damned if the UPS guy isn't standing there at the door! Typically, no one is home during the day so they are instructed to leave packages at the back door out of sight.
Now, I figure he's enjoying the scene on TV because I can see out of the corner of my eye that he's got a package in one hand and is fidgeting with another package – the one in his pants! He seems young, maybe late twenties, early thirties. If I were into the "bi-curious" thing, I might have invited him in, but I'm not; however, I did learn a long time ago that I was an exhibitionist – especially at the gym where I spend as much time prancing around naked in the locker room as I do working out!
So, here I am stroking my dick and I've got nowhere to hide. I figure if I move it will cause embarrassing moments for both of us, so I decide to pretend I don't know he's there. If he knocks on the door then I'll have to deal with it; otherwise, he gets a free show.
So I get back to the action on the screen and my cock is throbbing even harder knowing that someone is watching me from not more than ten feet away. I even slip a finger down and caress my butt hole – a maneuver I save for special occasions! I keep glancing over from the corner of my eye, but this guy hasn't left – and his hands are moving a bit faster. The guys on screen are taking turns riding the blonde and are grunting like they're ready to cum. And, frankly, so am I, thinking how hot this must all look to this delivery guy. I buck my hips a few times and shoot a load on my stomach and chest.
I lay there with my eyes closed and hoped to hell the UPS guy would be gone when I opened them. Luckily he was, but when I opened the door to bring in the package, I noticed that he delivered more than just a package – some creamy white globs of cum were puddled on the concrete slab outside the door. I guess he enjoyed what he saw!
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