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Friday, March 15, 2013

Bisexual Fiction: Just Between Friends

By: Blue62 & Ryan Michaels

With Greg and Eric being the only two single men in the small mining community where they lived, it was only natural that they would gravitate towards each other and end up becoming friends.

After they had known each other a couple of months, Eric had admitted to Greg that he was gay, and then Eric started coming on to him. Despite being uncomfortable, Greg also felt a little bit flattered, but he would never admit that to Eric. Instead he would just fluff off his friend’s comments or ignore them all together.

However, lately, Eric had been pushing the boundaries more and more. It started with those mere flirtatious comments, escalating to Eric talking Greg into jerking off with him while they watched porn together, and the two ended up doing it once or twice a week from then on. But now things had escalated even further. Now Eric had managed to talk Greg into shooting his load on his chest. What Greg didn’t know was that when Eric went to the bathroom to clean up he would lick all of Greg’s cum off his fingers. And each time Greg jerked off and shot his load on Eric he would ask himself, “Why the hell did I do that?” He feared that one day he might go all the way, although he had no conscious intention of doing so.

Now, here it was, a Friday night, and having nothing better to do, Greg accepted Eric’s invitation to come over and have some dinner with him. He knew he would probably end up dropping a load on Eric’s chest before he left, but he didn’t care. He would get a good meal, some good wine, and Eric really was a fascinating and interesting guy. ‘If only he were a girl,’ thought Greg as he made his way over to Eric’s house.

When he arrived, Greg was a little surprised to find that Eric had a guest - and a female one at that. And what a stunner she was too, with a stunning figure, a pretty face, and long blond hair. Her skin was a light golden brown from being outdoors, and her body was toned as if from swimming or some other sport. When she smiled it lit up the whole room.

Eric introduced Greg to her. Her name was Julia. Eric then suggested the two go into the living room and get to know each other while he went to the kitchen to get dinner ready. As Eric disappeared, Greg and Julia made their way to the living room.

As they chatted, Greg couldn’t help but to subtly check her out some more. How could he not. Her nipples strained against the flimsy cloth of her cotton dress; she obviously wasn’t wearing a bra and Greg found himself wondering if she was wearing panties. He could just imagine the pinkness of her… His thickening cock forced him to adjust his position on the couch, crossing his legs to hide the fire in his loins. His cock stayed in various stages of hardness the entire time. And, when Eric finally called them to dinner, Greg waited until Julia got up and started to walk away. Not just so he could check out her ass, although that was a bonus, but so she wouldn’t see his arousal.

After they had eaten, Eric opened another bottle of wine. He seemed really happy and light headed, and Greg almost felt a little jealous that he didn’t have his friend’s full attention. There was something exotic and a little dangerous about Eric, and Greg was fascinated by him; he couldn’t imagine himself getting his cock out for any other guy and jerking off until he shot his wad. But somehow Eric could make him do that, and Eric could make him feel jealous, and this wine was going to his head, and Julia was so fucking hot he couldn’t stand it.

“Hey Julia, come dance with me,” Eric said as he put some music on.

Julia got up and Greg was really surprised to see how they were dancing. You’d never think that Eric was gay; it was real skin to skin stuff, and watching the pair of them was getting Greg all hot and bothered. His cock was well on the way to being erect. He watched in amazement as Julia raked her red nails down the front of Eric’s jeans. His bulge looked a little larger than normal; was there something about Eric that Greg didn’t know? But how could there be when Greg had seen the look of pure lust in Eric’s eyes whenever he had watched him stroke his big cock to the point of eruption.

Greg’s mouth was dry, his face flushed, as he watched the antics of Eric and Julia. They just kept getting more and more outrageous. And then Julia peeled down the top of her cotton sun dress. Her firm tits were revealed in all their beauty, big nipples jutting forward - big nipples that were soon covered by Eric’s mouth. Greg didn’t understand how a gay guy could get sexual with a woman, or why he’d even want to. Could a gay guy have the desire to sleep with a woman? Could a straight guy have the desire to sleep with a guy? Shit! It was all too much for Greg. His head was in a spin. All he knew was that he couldn’t just sit there and watch. He had to get his own mouth on those beautiful tits – to start with, anyway.

He got up and went right over to them. Eric pulled his face from Julia’s tit when he saw Greg there and just smiled at him. He then reached out and gently pushed Greg’s head towards Julia’s chest. Greg’s semi-erect cock hardened like steel as he excitedly started to suck on her nipple.

Only moments had passed when he felt Eric’s hands back on his head, trying to pull him away from Julia’s tits. However, he had been mistaken. It wasn’t Eric pulling him away, it was Julia. He gazed at her as she held his head in her hands, wondering why she had made him stop so quickly. But before he could ask, Julia turned his head. Eric was right there, inches from Greg’s face. Eric closed the gap even more, whereupon he forced his tongue into Greg’s mouth. Greg surrendered to this new experience; it wasn’t at all disgusting, like he had been led to believe. In fact his cock began to throb in his tight jeans as Eric’s tongue explored his mouth. When Julia brushed her hand across his crotch and Eric began to massage his ass at the same time, he could barely breathe, he was that excited!

When Eric stopped kissing him, Greg immediately turned and buried his face back in Julia’s tits. As he began to greedily nibble on her nipples he could feel Eric tugging at his pants. Greg didn’t even attempt to stop him and soon his zipper was being lowered, followed by his jeans and then his underwear. His thick cock sprang free, a cock that Eric had lusted over many times before and was now, finally, his to enjoy. He wrapped his fist around the base and guided it into his mouth. If Greg hadn’t had a mouthful of tit he would have hollered. ‘Damn, Eric gives amazing head!’ Greg thought. Never in his life had he had head like this!

Five or so minutes later Eric took them into his bedroom. Julia lay down on the bed, displaying her sweet snatch. Greg fell upon it instantly, licking the honey pot like it would be the last he would ever know. She pressed his head into her twat with one hand and toyed with her nipples with the other.

Eric, meanwhile, parted Greg’s ass and gazed upon the object of his desire. He pressed his nose into Greg’s shower clean crack and started tonguing it. A shiver of pleasure coursed through Greg’s body as he discovered this new pleasure. It felt like there was a direct connection between Eric’s tongue, his asshole and his unattended straining cock. He reached underneath his body to smear his pre-cum over his large cock-knob.

Greg was just beginning to think that having Eric lick his asshole was a small price to pay for getting to eat Julia’s pussy when he felt something cold and slippery being applied. Being eaten out like a girl was one thing, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to go where this was leading. And then Eric started sliding a finger into his asshole and the feeling was out of this world. Greg squirmed back against Eric’s finger, eager to have more of this unusual sensation.

Eric worked Greg’s asshole loose for a good long while and then pulled him onto his side. Julia got up and positioned herself against Greg and guided his raging hard-on into her wet and ready pussy from behind. He sighed as the length of his shaft was enveloped by her moist tunnel. At the same time Eric slipped his thin cock into Greg’s ass. He felt like one huge nerve cell, being pleasured in both cock and ass.

Eric could hardly believe his luck. His cock slid in with very little resistance. Here he was deep inside his friend’s ass, where he had always wanted to be. From the sighs that escaped Julia’s lips he knew that she was happy too. Eric stroked gently, ever so gently, into Greg’s delicious asshole. Already Eric’s cockhead was growing a little too sensitive for his liking; this would be one fuck that was out of his control. Julia ground her hips back and forth, allowing her pussy to ride Greg’s thick shaft that was now coated with her juices. His large, warm hands stroked her belly and teased her nipples, adding to her enjoyment.

Greg grunted and gritted his teeth. This was just so fucking good, and he wanted it to last forever. No one told him that if his ass got stroked by a cock it would add to the pleasure he felt as he fucked the hottest pussy he had had in over a year. Both of his companions on the bed were using him for their own pleasure and in doing so were giving him the best pleasure he had ever known. He could feel his orgasm building up and tried to fight it. His asshole was aflame with desire for Eric’s cock while his own spear seemed to be growing ever fatter, as though it might split the skin.

Eric’s cock could take no more of the satiny smooth ride through Greg’s guts. The sight and sounds of his friends fucking each other while he joined in got right into his lust and excitement receptors. His balls churned and then suddenly started to spurt. Eric cried out and forced his dick deeper into Greg’s ass, which triggered Greg’s own orgasm. Julia squeezed tight against his cock and Greg grunted and cursed as his meaty cock exploded, blasting his thick jism into her. She quickly flicked herself into orgasm before he started to wilt within her.

Once cocks were pulled out, Greg, still breathless from the experience, panted, “Ok, buddy, now that I went bi for you, there’s something you gotta do for me.”

“What’s that?” asked Eric.

“You’ve got to eat Julia’s pussy… eat my cum right out of her,” Greg told him.

Greg watched in amazement as Eric got between Julia’s spread legs without hesitation and dove right on in and did a splendid job of cleaning her up. The sight of it so turned Greg on that he grabbed some of the lube and worked a finger into Eric’s ass.

“Damn! That’s tight!” Greg exclaimed.

“And it’s all yours, buddy boy,” Eric replied.

Things were only just getting started. It would be a long night, and by the end of it Greg would know two things for sure: Eric had planned the entire thing, and he still wasn’t into guys, just Eric. But that’s different… or so he told himself.

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