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Thursday, March 21, 2013

All Male Fiction: Summer Lovers

By: the_chrisinater
Brian and I grew up together. Living next door to each other we naturally played together when we were young. All through school we played sports together, and even double-dated girls all through high school. When we went away to different colleges, though, I was afraid our lifelong friendship would be broken up. Little did I know that "playing together" would take on a whole new connotation when we both came home for the summer after our first year of college.
I guess, looking back on it, we must have had some sort of inkling that something was different about us. When we were dating girls in high school, we weren't like the other guys, trying to see how far we could get with our

Brian and I were both still virgins when we went away to college.

It was that first year of college when I acknowledged that I was different, that I was gay. I had my first sexual experience with a guy one month after arriving at college. We didn't do anything more than jerk each other off, but it was a life-changing event.

From that first sexual encounter with a guy, I moved quickly, sucking a guy off before midterms, getting my ass fucked before spring break, then fucking another man up the ass while in Florida on spring break.
By the time I got home for the summer, I was comfortable with being gay. And now that I knew what I was, I wanted to do as much about it as I could. I wanted to suck, fuck, and get fucked as often as I could - I was out, and I wanted to enjoy life.
The one thing I hadn’t thought about was Brian. To say that I felt apprehensive about seeing my lifelong buddy after experiencing such a drastic change in my life would be putting it mildly. When I first saw him, I had a panic attack.
Our conversation was palpably strained that first day. Both of us were obviously uneasy, and I figured it was because Brian could somehow tell that I was gay. We didn't talk about anything substantive, and neither did we make plans to do anything together. We were both planning on looking for summer jobs, so I kind of figured that we wouldn’t be seeing much of each other.
I felt sad, as if I had lost something. I had gained the knowledge of whom and what I was, but I had lost my buddy in the process.
A week went by, and Brian and I only saw each other in passing. The summer job hunt was not going well. Neither of us had even had a nibble. Still, we didn't hang out together, even though we both had plenty of time to kill.
It was the following Monday when Brian knocked on our door. Mom and Dad had both left for work, and I had just stepped out of the shower. I wore only a towel around my waist. Brian came in and flopped on the living room sofa, sighing and telling me what I already knew - that there wasn't shit in the classifieds.

"It looks like it's going to be a long summer," he said.
I nodded my head in agreement, then stammered, cleared my throat, and tried again, saying, "Brian, I think there's something we need to talk about."
Brian cut me off with a wave of his hand. He blushed beet red and said, "Yeah, I know. I could feel it when we first saw each other last week. It's tough for me to say, and I hope this doesn't ruin our friendship, but something happened to me when I went away to college. I guess I always sort of knew I was different, but I really realized it when I got to college." He was silent for a moment, and then very softly said, "I'm gay."
I damn near shouted with glee! I felt as if the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders. I couldn't restrain myself. I jumped up with excitement and said, "Me, too, Brian! I'm gay, too!"
There was a brief moment of surprise from Brian and then he jumped up and we hugged, both happy to have revealed our secret. When the embrace broke, my towel slipped off my hips, leaving me totally naked.
Brian didn't even hesitate. Before I even fully realized my towel was gone, Brian had a hand wrapped around my instantly half-hard cock.
With trembling hands, I frantically undressed Brian. I ran my hands over his smooth, nearly hairless body, finally yanking his pants and underwear off him and running my fingers through his sparse pubic hair.
When my hand wrapped around his hard-as-steel cock, Brian moaned and squeezed my cock harder. We stroked each other slowly, and Brian softly said, "Lie back and tell me about your hottest experience yet."
I did as he asked, lying naked on my back on the sofa. Brian straddled my waist so the tip of my cock was just barely brushing his ass. He fisted his cock and slowly stroked himself as I told him about a night on campus when a few other gay guys watched the Italian Stallion, Frankie, fuck me up my ass.
"I was so turned on I couldn't see straight," I told Brian. "It was right before spring break. I'd never been fucked before. Frankie is a real hunk, the walking, talking wet dream of all the gay guys on campus. He has a bodybuilder's physique, a basket that looks like he's got a pair of basketballs and a softball bat stuffed in there, and the kind of great Italian looks that give me a hard-on every time."
Brian was squeezing his hard cock tighter, stroking it just a bit faster. He said, "Tell me more. What did it feel like?"
"It felt incredible," I said. "Plus, being watched was an even bigger turn-on. I swear, when Frankie first penetrated me, I nearly fired my rocks off right then and there. I didn't, but I almost did. He really put it to me, too. I mean, that guy was fucking me hard. His cock went all the way up my ass after three strokes. It stuffed me until I thought it would come out my mouth. My vision blurred and I became totally oblivious to everything else in the world but what Frankie was doing to my ass with his cock. He shoved that tool up my ass and plowed in and out like a man who hadn't fucked for a week, which, knowing Frankie certainly wasn't the case. He stuffed me with his sausage and deep-dicked me with hard, long strokes. I was fuckin' amazed when I shot off without even touching myself."
Right then, Brian grunted and thick gobs of frothy foam blasted out of his cock, splattering all over my chest. Brian jerked himself ceaselessly, soaking my chest with his sticky, warm cum. He milked his cock of every last drop he had, and then smeared his cum all over my chest and stomach, laughing and saying, "Looks like you'll have to take another shower now."
I smiled. Then I asked Brian, "Have you been fucked yet?"
He shook his head, saying, "No, but I think I'm ready. You want to do the honors?"
My grin spread from ear to ear. I told him to choose his favorite position, and then I scurried off to collect some lube and a rubber. When I got back to the living room, Brian was bent forward over one high arm of the sofa. His legs were spread and his ass was pooched out toward me.
I dropped to my knees behind him and licked his ass cheeks. Then I dipped a couple of fingers into the lube and shoved them one at a time up my buddy's asshole. I twisted each finger around inside Brian, thoroughly lubing him for his imminent anal deflowering.
When his ass was totally slick, I rose to my feet, dressed my cock in pre-lubed latex, and then moved in close behind my longtime best friend.
I held an ass cheek in each hand, separating them so Brian's asshole gaped slightly open. I maneuvered my hips so that my cockhead poked right against that slightly gaping asshole. Moving around a bit until I was certain that I was properly positioned, I said. "Suck in your breath deeply."
As Brian sucked in his breath, I thrust forward, penetrating the virgin ass for the first time. My cockhead pierced his rim. The tight sphincter gripped my bulbous head like an iron fist. Brian howled and trembled helplessly, and I held steady, not moving, letting him get accustomed to having my cock up his ass. I felt his body tremble, and I had to fight off the urge to plunge deeply and bury my stiffer totally in his rippling guts. But I knew I had to let him adjust to the new intruder.
It didn't take long. Brian instinctively drew in deep, relaxing breaths, and his constricting sphincter soon loosened up. I eased a bit more of my cock up his ass, as Brian huffed and puffed.
I took it slow and steady, knowing I'd blow my load quickly if I tried power-fucking that tight asshole. Brian loosened up some more, though, and before long I was stroking slightly more than half my cock up his ass. I easily glided in and out with controlled quick strokes.
Brian loved it. He talked non-stop, telling me how great it felt to get fucked, how hard his cock was throbbing, about how he thought he'd shoot off if I fucked him very much longer, and how he wanted me to fuck him harder.
Clutching a taut ass cheek in each hand, I picked up the pace, reaming that tight ass with my hard cock. As I fucked him harder, more and more of my cock worked into his ass. Soon, I was fucking him with my whole cock, driving every inch into him on each thrust, giving it to him every bit as intensely as Frankie had given it to me that night.
Brian was shaking. He was practically panting. He kept saying, "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna fucking cum!"
I love it when a man talks dirty to me! It energized me and drove me to hunch faster. I was slam-banging Brian’s ass, giving him my best effort. I was working so hard, I started sweating.
I was straining to hold off as long as I could. The friction of Brian’s tight ass was incredible, though, and I was ready to pop at any second. So was Brian.
Burying my cock all the way up his butt, I groaned and filled that rubber with some heavy-duty blasts of sizzling spunk. I emptied my nuts into that thing, just as Brian reached down, grabbed his cock, and gave it the final few thrusts he needed to get off. While I came up his ass, Brian sprayed his load all over the side of my parent's sofa.
The two of us collapsed in sheer sexual exhaustion. We were both grinning giddily, struggling to catch our breath.
Brian spoke first, saying, "Maybe it won't be such a bad thing if we don’t find summer jobs. I mean, if we're not working, we can be fucking! I’ve never felt anything like that. I love getting fucked."
I nodded my head, smiling warmly. "Me, too," I said. "I think I'd rather fuck and get fucked than work any day."
The two of us laughed at that, then cleaned off the sofa and went upstairs and cleaned ourselves off in a sexy shower that featured more fooling around than soaping up. Before that day was over, we had both cum twice more.
One month into the summer, neither of us is working, but we're certainly not complaining!

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