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Friday, March 15, 2013

Bisexual True Experience: That's What Friends Are For

By: northern_beaches_27

I had always been slightly curious, but, given that I’d only experienced women before, I considered myself to be straight.
Things started to change for me with my first serious girlfriend, Megan. We used to sit around and talk about fantasies, even though we were vastly inexperienced and only 19 years old. We got chatting about threesomes and I mentioned that I’d love to have one. She was concerned at the thought of seeing me with another woman, which was when I explained that I wanted a threesome with another guy. She didn’t seem fazed by this, at all. In fact, I think it turned her on almost as much as it did me. Every time we spoke about it, which was usually when we were drunk, I got a massive hard-on.
One night we’d had some friends over to her parent’s house while they were away at the cottage for the weekend. Oh, not a wild party or anything, just a half dozen or so friends of ours. We had all sat around throwing back beers and smoking up. The TV was on but no one was really watching it. It was a fun night and when we’d finished drinking and getting high, a few left and a few were passed out and we just left them there and headed up to her bedroom to make out.
When we got there, we, as usual when we were a bit drunk, started chatting about threesomes again. As we theoretically teased our way around the subject, our clothes were quickly removed and we were both visibly turned on. The sticking point in our chat was anal play, which neither of us had done before.
The next thing I knew she was nestled in my balls, licking and stroking my cock with one hand, using her tongue to expertly suck on my sack. Without hesitation she began moving down, so I arched my back slightly to give her access, and much to my groaning and vocal pleasure, I felt her tongue flicking and licking around my asshole. No one had ever done that before and I was loving every second!
Just as I thought I couldn’t get any more, she arose, bent over in front of me and instructed me that it was my turn. My tongue penetrated her ass and I ate her hole like there was no tomorrow. I was using my hand and fingers to rub her bald pussy while parting her ass cheeks to eat her sweet butt.
“Fucking hot!” I looked around startled to see that one of our mutual friends, Jason, was standing in the doorway to her bedroom, watching our every move. “I was just on my way back from the bathroom and I could hear you guys.”

I could see his appreciation in the bulge in his jeans. My girlfriend could see it too and I was taken aback and excited at the same time when she blurted, “Well don’t just stand there. Shut the door and come join us,” and then gave me a grin and a wink.
I again was taken aback while at the same time excited when, instead of leaving, Jason actually closed the door and then slid his boxers down to reveal a tasty looking 7.5 inch uncut tool. He was a soccer player and was trim all over, with no signs of body hair apart from a small mound of pubes above his cock. He walked around to the front of my girlfriend and I watched in amazement as she grabbed his cock and took it all the way down her throat.
The strange sensation I had was wanting a piece of it myself, so I leaned forward and cupped his balls to gauge his reaction. Jason was still smiling, so I moved around the back and gave his ass a good lick. He moaned, reached behind and put his hand on the back of my head, pushing it into his ass. I couldn’t believe that he was going with it, that it was really going to happen! I was finally going to have the threesome of my dreams, gonna get to be with another guy, a friend no less, and a hot one!
With us all getting excited, it was time for a change of pace. My girlfriend lay back on the bed and Jason immediately moved between her spread legs and lowered his face to her pussy and started lapping at it. Seeing his ass in the air like that, I moved behind him and starting licking him again.
Just moments later Jason pulled his face from Megan’s pussy, grabbed his cock and guided it towards her opening until the tip touched her cunt lips. I moved beside him and just reached out and grabbed his cock and slid it into her and then straight out, licking all her juices off. He slipped his cock back into her, pumped it a few times and then pointed it at me for a good licking and cleaning before shoving it back in her again.
After watching him pound in and out of her pussy for several minutes, I was charged and my cock was throbbing with excitement, and now I wanted my turn. After telling this to Jason, he pulled out, and I instructed my girlfriend to flip over onto her hands and knees. After giving her ass a quick lick and easing a finger into her virgin butt, which was so tight, but also willing, I reached for the lube and coated my meat. I grabbed my cock tightly by the base and pushed it against her hole. At first, she resisted, but it slowly eased in and then popped just as my head entered her hole.
Shudders went through my body as my cock very slowly made its way into her ass, as my hands held her butt cheeks wide apart. I held it still, as Jason moved to straddle her back and present his cock to me. I sucked and licked it, stroking it while I inhaled his sweet balls.
As he grabbed the lube, I thought he was preparing himself to take my place in her ass, but he had other ideas. He moved behind me and then I felt the tip of his lubed up meat on my hole and he rubbed it up and down several times, and then whispered in my ear, “Is this ok?”
I was nervous, but excited with anticipation and nodded my approval, adding, “Just go easy, I haven’t done anything like this before.”
Jason assured me he would go easy and then started working a lubed finger in my ass. It was a little uncomfortable but I knew I wanted it, knew I had to go for what I had been fantasizing about or I’d regret it forever. Soon he had a second finger going in my ass and was lubing me up good.
Those fingers didn’t stay up my ass for long, and within seconds of them popping out, I felt the girth of his big cock at my hole as his hands gripped my hips. He pushed, hard but gently on my hole as his man-meat conquered my virgin ass. The pain and burn was shocking, and I suppressed the desire to scream and beg him to take it out.
He rocked slowly as my ass got used to his tool, and our rhythm soon built nicely and that pain and burn was soon replaced with the most amazing pleasure, and now I was in heaven by the very thrill of having a cock in my ass.
The satisfaction of getting every inch of my cock in my girlfriend’s ass and feeling my balls slap on her butt cheeks, was joined with the sensation of Jason’s balls slapping firmly on my ass as he got the last inch deep in me. I could feel him deeper as his breath and pace increased.
We fucked in tandem for a bit and then I felt that sensation building up in me and knew I was getting close to blowing my wad. “Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum!” I announced.
“Me too!” Jason said and then started fucking me faster, really fast, so much so that I couldn’t keep up the rhythm of our thrusts and could do nothing more than just hold my cock deep in my girlfriend’s ass.
During the whole thing, the only sounds Megan had made were moans and groans, but it was at that point that she spoke up for the first time and said, “I want to see you both cum, and I want you to make each other cum.”
“No problem!” Jason said and pulled out of my ass.
I then slid out of her ass and she turned over, got on her knees and instructed us to kneel side by side in front of her and jerk each other off. I grabbed Jason’s cock and he grabbed mine and we began to fist the other’s hard meat.
Megan watched silently and I could tell she was really turned on by it as she massaged her clit. As we both began to get close and moan louder she said, “I want both your loads all over my tits,” and stuck a finger in her cunt, finger-fucking herself while rubbing her clit even faster. That was enough, and within seconds we were both shooting big hot loads all over her tits.
After we came, we licked every bit of man juice off her sexy body, cleaned up and then all three of us got in the bed together to get some sleep. Megan and Jason fell asleep rather quickly, but it took me a bit longer. I was worried about how Jason would react in the morning about doing another guy, doing two of his friends, once he had sobered up.
My worry was unwarranted. The next morning, all three of us completely sober, we did it all again.
I found out later that Megan had confided in Jason our desire for a threesome with another man and what it would entail, and that Jason had been 'open' to the idea of experimenting. I wasn't mad that she had planned the whole thing, in fact, I loved her all the more for doing it. We both agreed that it was the hottest thing ever and hope to make it happen again and again for as long as we are together… with Jason or whoever!
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