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Friday, March 22, 2013

All Male Fiction: Making Changes

Unknown Author
I was an army brat, and dad got transferred as often as some people changed suits. Being the new kid was never easy no matter how many times I started at a new school. But after a day or so of people noticing I was new, I rarely garnered a second glance from most after that; I pretty much went through school unnoticed. I usually didn't give a shit, but with this latest move taking place at the start of my senior year, I was determined to make new friends before graduation, and had made up my mind, even before we moved to the new town, that I was going to make another type of change… I was going to change my image.

One of the first things I did was buy a pair of tinted contact lenses, a bright blue to match my recently bleached hair. And I splurged on some new clothes, more fashionable than the old-jeans-and-t-shirt I usually sported.

I also decided that I was going to be more open about my sexual interests, go all out for cock, and damn the consequences. I didn't really care what anybody thought about me, and it wasn't like I was going to be there for long anyway. Plus, I was a big enough guy to take on most of the boys who might try to make life tough for me once they knew I liked dick, including the football jocks, so I wasn't to worried.

I'd thought it all out beforehand when I invited Jason over to my house for the first time. Jason was the hot kid in my algebra class. He was a hot jock on the Rugby team, and we sat side-by-side in the back row of class. I was sorry it wasn't gym class that we shared. I would always sneak looks at him, checking him out, and it wasn't too long before I kinda got the feeling that Jason also had an interest in boys. Well, at least I caught him checking me out a few times too, and I could have sworn he had gotten hard in his pants on more than one occasion while he was looking. After seeing that was when I invited him over to my place, on the pretense of helping him with his algebra.

I answered the door stark naked, part of the plan.

"Ah, hi," Jason said, appropriately startled at my nudity.

"Glad to see ya, man. C'mon in," I said, sweeping open the door. "How 'bout a beer?"

"Sure," he mumbled, looking everywhere in the house for some place to settle his darting eyes.

"Follow me," I said casually. I led him down the hall to the kitchen, deliberately trying for a butch, offhanded manner. I'd been told my ass was one of my best features, and I could practically feel the heat from his gaze as he stared at my rolling mounds. I grabbed two bottles of Bud from the box and opened the caps, handed him one.

"Your folks out, huh, Adam?" he asked, keeping his gaze turned upward to my face, after one quickly averted downward look at my body.

"Yeah," I said. "Chance to be comfortable. I hate wearing clothes."

"What if I'd been somebody else, like a woman or something?"

"Wouldn't have answered the door. I saw you on the sidewalk."

"You always go around naked?"

"Yeah, whenever I'm alone," I stated matter-of-factly. "Or with a guy I feel comfortable around," I pointedly added.

"Doesn't take you long to get comfortable," he said after a long, nervous swig of beer.
I nodded my head knowingly and led him down the hall to my bedroom. Sitting on the bed, I motioned him to sit beside me.

"Shit, your thing is… is getting… its growing man," he said indicating my dick, which was slowly getting hard.

"Oh, yeah," I said with a chuckle as I glanced at my swelling member, "it has a mind of its own. Can't control it. But you know all about that."

"Wh-what do you mean?"

"Our desks are pretty close in algebra class. I'm pretty sure you've gotten a woody in class a few times," I grinned. Jason said nothing. "Well, you did, didn't you?"

He shuffled a little bit. "Yeah," he finally said.

"Me too, and all I wanted to do was put my hand around my cock and beat off," I said, and boldly wrapped my fist around my stiffening cock as I said it.

Jason's eyes bugged out in disbelief at what he was seeing. "You… you gonna jack off? Now?" he asked, but made no attempt to get up from the bed. His voice was a husky whisper.

"Hadn't really thought about it, but now that you mention it, it would feel great right about now. Why don't you get yours out and beat off too?"

His foot nervously tapped on the floor. His breathing became shallow and labored. I looked at his crotch. He had a hard-on.

Taking his hard-on and the fact that he didn't jump up and run from the room as a good sign, I put my hand on his leg and stroked the inside of his thigh. He jumped slightly.

"Jesus, Adam!" he gasped, but didn't move himself, or my hand, away. "What the fuck?"

"I want to take it out and play with it. I like cock, and I think you like it too. You want me to play with it, don't you?"

"How… how did you know? How could you tell?" he admitted.

"Remember when I said I knew you got hard in class a few times?"

He nodded.

"Well what I didn't tell you was that I also knew that you were checking me out, and that is when you would get hard. So that was a pretty good sign," I laughed. "The fact that you didn't run screaming from the house when I answered the door naked, or when I started to get hard and grabbed my dick, was another good sign," I said as I pulled his pants down below his balls almost before he could realize, revealing his tented underwear. "This hard-on, under these circumstances, is the final sign," I finished as I dug into his underwear and held his stiff cock in my hand. Then I pushed his underwear down, and before he could even react, I licked his cockhead before choking his meat down my throat.
He moaned.

I only teased his cock with my mouth for mere seconds before standing to help him out of his remaining clothes. He shook all over, but I could tell he was eager for it. Once I had him naked, I pulled his body to me and drove my tongue down his throat, sucked his back into my mouth, and licked and sucked his lips. The entire time, I was grinding my crotch into his, as I clutched his butt-cheeks in my hands and kneaded his twin mounds like warm dough.

"Oh, god!" Jason gasped as I pulled his butt-cheeks apart, gnawing feverishly into his armpit as I rubbed my hard cock back and forth between his legs.

Then, moving my hand to his cock, I teased his tight nipples with my tongue, flicking and softly biting until they were hard. His chest was smooth and hairless, with firm tanned pecs that I licked until they were wet and glistening as I stroked his cock.

"I wanna do you, man," I panted into his ear. "C'mon."

"I wanna suck your cock," he panted right back, not really surprising me.

I got onto the bed and he followed on all fours. Lying on my back, he jumped on me, straddling my thighs, and I felt the heat of his balls just above my knees. Sensations of lustful pleasure washed over my sensitive torso as he licked and sucked his way down my body. His reddened tongue trailed a stream of slobber over my heaving chest and belly, making me squirm with delirious delight.

Jason held my pre-cum-drooling cock rigidly upright in his fist. My dickhead shyly peeked from the thick, fleshy folds of my foreskin. I could feel the pulse in my cock. Then he licked upward in long tongue strokes, upward as if he were attempting to keep an ice cream cone from dripping. I clutched the soft blond hair of his head in one hand and guided his bobbing mouth with the other, wanting to feel, as well as see him sucking me off.

I wanted to make him feel as good as he was making me, so I scooted around until I was beneath him. I licked and suckled at his ball sac, nuzzling my face into his groin and reveling in the feel and smell of him. He reached beneath himself and guided his stiff cock into my mouth. He sighed around my prick as I sucked his cock inside.

His plunging hips drove his cock down my throat. He frenziedly face-fucked me until I held his quivering ass still, keeping his pulsing cock embedded down my gullet and using my throat muscles to milk him. Jason followed suit and went down on my meat all the way to the balls. We lay there, implanted in one another, feeling joined, whole, complete, as our cocks jerked inside each other.
I wanted more of his body. Pulling off his cock, I slid my face through our sweat to the cleavage of his ass. I palmed his butt-cheeks apart and slurped and slobbered all the way up his crack. I gnawed into him with a vengeance. Spearing my fully distended tongue up Jason's hole, I reamed his ass until he was greasy with spit.

He again followed my lead, and I felt him eating me out. We must have looked like the ancient symbol for yin and yang as we fed greedily on each other's hole.

We returned as if by an unspoken signal to sucking cock. Jason's lips were supple and soft, and his mouth was wet and warm. I couldn't help thinking he'd done this before, from the way he engulfed my cock, held it deeply sheathed, then lovingly stroked his way up, up, until just the flaring crown remained implanted, tongued it, licked my piss slit, and eased me in deeper again.

When he stuck a finger up my well-slobbered asshole, I lost it. My cum flushed out of my nuts and flooded his mouth. Every burst of my jizz jolted my groin with jerking spasms. I unloaded my juice in spurting fountains down his throat.

Shoving my finger up his ass, Jason responded by hunching harder against me, and blew his wad almost instantly. Gulping and swallowing for all I was worth, I ate hungrily at his scalding cum. Jason's spunk tasted sweet and salty at the same time, a delicious nectar of young manhood.

"I'm sure glad you moved here, Adam," Jason said as he twisted around beside me. "I didn't know any other guys like me."

"You mean this was your first time?"

"Yeah," he said, nodding his head.

"Sure couldn't prove it by me."

"Just did what came natural, what I've dreamed about."

"What else have you dreamt about?"

He gave me a naughty little grin. "Guess," he said.

"Oh yeah?" I said, responding to his mischievous manner. I grabbed him and pulled him on top of me. My randy teenage cock was hard again. He held it tightly in his fist and guided it up to his hole. Gently he slid backward, and my flaring knob glided inside his soft little pucker like a warm stick of butter. He grunted with determination, paused, and held. Then, with his lips pressed to mine, he continued to work my cock into his asshole. I hunched my hips up to meet his engulfing pelvis.

Jason kept me fully sheathed inside him, back arched, feeding on my tightened nipples until they stood up on my heaving chest. I kept my hands clasped tightly around his ass, half-guiding him as he sank all the way onto my cock. His balls crushed against mine as he straightened his spine, threw back his head with a deep sigh, and ground my cockhead against his prostate.

Softly moaning, and with his thighs straddling my loins, knees pressing insistently against my ribs, he gyrated his little butt as he ecstatically fucked himself on my tool.  I felt like my entire mid-section was buried up his hole, the core and essence of myself implanted deeply inside him, and we were united as one. I was delirious with the flex and tug of insistent muscle.

Jason's hard cock was bouncing in front of my face, and his knob was an angry crimson as he fucked himself ever more vigorously onto my arched and straining groin. With only a bit of exertion, I bent forward and managed to get his cockhead between my lips for several moments.

Then I propelled him to his back and bent him half-double. I grasped his legs by the calves and splayed them as wide apart as they would go. Between his sweaty thighs, I went into the slow, undulating motions of a hot fuck, thrusting my rod in and out of his slick butthole. I whispered gruffly into his ears as I pistoned him. "Take it, take it! Oh yeah! You like that hot cock up your ass, huh? Tell me you like it, say you love it!"

"Yes! Yes! I love it. Fuck me! Fuck me!" He swiftly grabbed his own piece of meat in his fist and started jacking himself off, milking his cock from where it was suspended just above his grimacing face. I wanted to fuck his cock right into his gaping mouth, wanted to shove his cock down his own throat.

"Take my cock, take every fuckin' inch!" I panted like a wild man, pressing all my weight into him, pumping my hips furiously on top of him.

I felt my balls churning in their bag, slapping wetly against his ass. Cum boiled from my nuts and started rushing up my piss-tube. I threw back my head and yelled out, "I'm ready to cum! Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum right up your fuckin' ass! Oh god, yeah, I'm cumming!"

Jason shafted himself faster, his fleshy lips gobbling toward his cock. I frantically plunged into him, pounding his ass, driving my fuck-pole as deeply into his tender guts as I could get. He took me all the way, and my spunk flew up to my plowing cockhead, spurted out of my cum-hole, and blasted into his bowels.

He gibbered and moaned below me as he shot off too, catching his juice in his face, and in his own mouth. His cum was beautiful as it spurted and creamed his face.

I kept erupting and gushing into his hot ass, climaxing for the longest time I ever remembered. My spewing milk continued to flush out of my groin, my cock beating like a jackhammer as I pumped shot after shot of jism up Jason's clenching butthole.

Changing my image was the best decision I ever made! I went from fairly unnoticeable, to getting the cock (and ass) of one of the hottest guys in school.

Jason and I continued to have hot sex, but then my dad got transferred again, unexpectedly. It happened just before the start of the second semester. At first I was upset at having to move away and give up Jason, but it wasn't long before I was sucking and fucking the football quarterback at my new school!

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