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Friday, March 15, 2013

All Male Fiction: The College Lockers

By: Lucas Miller

My favorite place to hang out when I was younger was the locker room. I was fortunate to live only a few minutes from a small university and would spend my younger days just wandering around the men’s locker room.

At that time I was only sixteen, but no one seemed to notice that I had found my way into the place. In fact, it was as if they didn’t even see me. That made it all the better. I could sit on one of the benches and watch the crowds of naked men walk around, their cocks swaying back and forth as they did so. I didn’t consider myself gay; just curious. However, looking back I realize that my “curiosity” included not only wanting to compare the size of my dick with these older guys, but also wanting to touch them and put them in my mouth.

I was kind of proud to see that some of the guys had smaller dicks than I did. There were, however, more who were much larger than I was and that excited me. I hoped to grow to their size (and I probably have).
During most of my visits, I would have to go to the bathroom stall and jerk off. I would think about the many men toweling off or stretching or just touching themselves as they completed their after workout routine. Occasionally, I would see a half-hard or even an erect cock, but that was rare - most of the time their dicks were limp. I liked seeing soft cocks. My fantasy at that time was taking one of their soft dicks and making it hard. I liked the idea of me giving someone that kind of pleasure.
The more I went to the lockers, the more comfortable I got at looking at the guys. Instead of just sitting and watching them, I would often choose one or two guys that caught my eye and follow them around a little. I would watch them remove their workout clothes and follow them toward the showers. I would hang back far enough to not be obvious, but close enough to see them washing their bodies in the communal showers. Sometimes they would look my way, but I would pretend to be looking for something or walk away.
From the showers I would follow their steps back to their locker and watch them dry off. This was my favorite part of the routine. I enjoyed watching as they ran their towels over their crotch, making their dicks flop around. Almost always the men would focus most of their drying time on their dick.
Going to the college lockers became a big part of my life. During a particular summer I went their everyday. Toward the end of that summer I turned eighteen and, feeling like I blended in better now, I became even more daring. To get even closer to the gorgeous men, I would bring a towel with me and shower with them. I would usually take the shower in the corner so that I could hide my hard-on, but I would watch the men around me rub their hands over their bodies.
One day while I showered with a few guys, I was feeling disappointed. The guys in the showers were rather unattractive, to me anyway, and I felt no connection to them. Thinking it was going to be a slow day, I considered drying off and going home. Then he came into the showers. I had seen him before, but not very often. He had dark hair that covered his head and his crotch. The rest of him was smooth. His body was firm, and muscular, but not overly so. His soft cock bounced about as he made his way across the row of showers. Just the sight of him made my young dick twitch. I was happy that my trip had taken a more positive turn.
The man continued to walk past the many empty showers and eventually ended up taking the one right beside me. I tried not to look at him, but it was no use; he had caught my eye long before this day. With him this close to me I could barely breathe.

I knew I couldn’t stay in the showers for too long, but I wanted to get some good looks before I departed to the toilet stall to jerk off. And I did get some nice masturbation material. I looked over at him just as he was bending down to wash his legs. As he did so I got a nice look at his ass and his balls dangling from the other side.
My dick grew to its hardest as I continued to scan the man’s naked body. To my horror, though, he turned around quickly and caught me looking. I know he saw me because he glanced down at my erection and quickly turned away from me. I was so embarrassed. The best thing for me to do was to wait until my dick shrank and then get the hell out there.
I did my best to make my cock limp, but I wasn’t successful. When he turned back toward me, I had managed to move to the side so that he couldn’t see my dick.
“Were you checking me out?” he whispered.
My heart skipped a beat. “No.” I looked over at him to give him a shocked expression. I caught his eyes.
“Yes you were,” he continued, looking deeply into my eyes. “This isn’t the first time either. You’re here a lot.”
I had finally been busted. I wasn’t as inconspicuous as I had thought. All this time they had known that I was watching them. My favorite hobby was about to end.
The man turned so that he was facing me squarely. He held out his arms and placed them on my shoulder to turn my body toward him. “You have been watching me and your prick gives you away.” He was right. My dick was pointing straight out. “Tell me, do you like what you see?”
I glanced down at his cock. To my surprise he was now hard, too. His cock had to be about seven inches long. I swallowed hard and nodded.
The man looked around the room. There was one guy left at the very front of the showers. With the distance and the steam it was unlikely he could see much of what was going on down at our end. Satisfied that no one could see us he grabbed his cock and wrapped his fingers around it. “You like this, too?” he asked as he began to stroke his cock.
I nodded again, my heart racing.
“You do it, too,” he said.
I followed his movements and began jerking off. I copied his every motion. When he reached down to pull at his balls, I pulled at my balls. When he took his other hand and began caressing his nipples, I played with my own nipples. He seemed very pleased with himself.
I came in a sudden gush. It surprised me how quickly I had ejaculated. It must have equally surprised my shower mate, as he gave a short laugh when a bit of my cum landed on his leg.
When I was done he said, “You must be very good at that.” He held out his hand and took mine. “Why don’t you see if you can get me off, too?” My hands touched his warm cock. Gently I surrounded it with my fingers and palm. “That’s it,” he whispered. “Now make me cum like you just did.”
It was more difficult at first to jerk him off. I had to change my technique. When I did, he responded with a groan. I looked past him and the man at the far showers continued to wash as if nothing was going on.
I placed my other hand on his chest and he took a hold of it. He guided the other hand to his nipple and I pinched it lightly. This caused him to tense and let out a deep sigh. Then he moved my hand to his lips and I placed my index finger in his mouth. He licked and sucked it as his hips began thrusting against my other hand.
His cock seemed to grow even harder as he fucked my fist. Then with a moan, his first jet of cum flew from his cock and landed on my stomach. Another shot hit my dick and dripped slowly down my shaft to its tip, where it stayed. An equally powerful spurt hit my leg.
The man continued to thrust against my fist long after he had gone dry. My finger fell from his smiling lips and he said, “Isn’t that better than just watching?”
I nodded eagerly and gave his cock a final squeeze. Without another word we turned back to our showers and washed the other’s cum from our bodies.
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