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Friday, March 15, 2013

Straight True Experience: A Warm Summer Night Turns... Hot!

Unknown Author

One summer night, a Friday, my wife Jamie and I decided to grab a couple of cold drinks and head out to the front porch, to escape the humid air in our non-air conditioned home, and hopefully cool off a bit before bed, something we had done numerous times before in the three years we had lived in our home.
We lived in an older neighborhood with tree lined streets and large two-story homes, and as we sat on the porch, the air was heavy and still, and the smells and night sounds of summer surrounded us, heightening our senses.
Most of the houses were dark, it was 1am after all, but I noticed there were lights on in the living room of the house across the street, the curtains open, most likely to bring in the evening breeze.
Our neighbors across the street had only moved in about a month prior. We had never met them yet, they seemed to keep to themselves when they were at home. We had seen them though, coming home, or getting in their cars to go out, and could see that they were a young couple, probably in their late twenties, just like us.
As my wife and I were quietly enjoying our cold drinks, I stood and moved to the porch railing, to try to catch some more of the cooler night air. I hadn’t been standing at the rail long when I sensed movement, and the window across the street caught my eyes again.
I glanced up and over at it, and to my surprise and delight a young, naked woman walked past the open window and sat on the couch, which was positioned on a 90 degree angle in relation to the window. I only had a quick close-up glance of her naked body, but what I saw was quite nice, and as she sat I could still see and admire her firm young breasts. Of course, I stared openly, enjoying the view.
My wife soon caught my gaze and came to stand beside me, asking what I was looking at. After looking over that way herself, seeing what I was staring at, she began tugging at my arm, pulling at me with the exasperation women typically show when their man openly eyes another women, but suddenly she stopped tugging my arm. The man of the house had now appeared, completely naked as well, and with that addition Jamie seemed in less of a rush to get my eyes off that window.
He was also young and fit, and with his back to the window, we had a view of his tight ass... the kind many women seem to like. When he turned in front of his wife or girlfriend - we had no idea if they were married or not - giving us a profile view, it was obvious that he was already becoming excited, and that he was pretty nicely endowed. We stood motionless while quietly watching, and things quickly became more interesting.

He moved directly in front of his lover and she quickly took his semi-hard cock in her mouth. With our eyes fixed on the passion play before us, I moved behind my lady and wrapped my arms around her. Jamie watched intently as his cock began sliding deeply in and out of her talented mouth. I knew that Jamie had never watched anyone else having sex before, and her quickening breath made it apparent that it was exciting her. I pulled her tightly against me so it would be obvious that it was having the same effect on me. Jamie could feel that my cock was now as hard as the man she was watching.
“Do you like watching, baby? It seems to be exciting you, too,” I whispered directly into her ear, feeling a shudder run through her.
“Oh god, this is sexy, but I feel like we’re peeping Toms or something,” she whispered back while pressing tight to me.
I wanted to stay and see what would happen next, so I assured her it was ok to watch. “We’re just standing here on our own front porch. What could be wrong with that? They left the curtains open and the lights on. Maybe they like knowing someone might be watching.”
We stood watching and pressing slowly against each other. Jamie started moving against my cock, as we became more and more aroused. I slid my hands down to caress her. She was wearing a light summer dress, the kind that wraps around and ties, and my hands quickly found their way inside to caress her ass.
Soon our mystery lover boy pulled his cock from his lover’s mouth and dropped down to his knees in front of her, and his girl slouched into the back of the couch.
“Oh baby,” I whispered. “He’s eating her pussy now, and she really likes what he’s doing down there. I can hear her moaning through the open window,” I said as we watched his head moving about between her spread legs.
Wanting to keep pace, I moved my left hand around in front and cupped Jamie’s hot, panty covered pussy. A moan of passion was all the encouragement I needed to get bolder yet, and I found the tie to her dress. Once untied the dress fell loose and I pulled it aside. I slipped one hand inside her panties while the other moved to her now bare breasts.
We continued watching and as he moved on top of her, lover boy’s ass started moving up and down, and with it being obvious that his hard cock was inside her, my probing fingers moved down from Jamie’s hard clit and slipped into her very wet pussy. She held my hand tight against her pussy while her hips started moving in time with our lover boy’s thrusting. At that point I knew I had to have her right then and there.
I pulled my finger from my wife’s cunt and quickly dropped my pants and underwear to my ankles and kicked them free. Then I bent down and lowered her panties and she stepped out of them. Pulling my t-shirt over my head and tossing it to the ground, I grabbed hold of my rigid cock and lined it up with the target from behind. My rock hard, throbbing cock slid easily into her wet, hot and slippery pussy and we started fucking, standing there naked on our front porch, watching our neighbors fucking in their living room.
I have my own fucking motions but that night, I was watching them and trying to duplicate his movements, so I could imagine I was fucking his wife and, I’m sure my wife was imagining him fucking her as she felt the movements she was watching.
Through the open window we could hear the increasing moans of our unknown lovers as they become more and more excited.
“They sound like they’re getting close. I want to cum inside you when he cums inside her, baby. Watching and feeling how aroused it made you has me so close, so I hope he is gonna cum pretty soon, too,” I breathed into my wife’s ear.
“Oh god yes, me too. I want you to cum deep inside my pussy while we watch him cumming in hers,” my wife panted.
No sooner had my wife said that, than lover boy across the street started fucking his lover even faster and harder and I mimicked him, doing the same to Jamie. His face became scrunched up and we knew he was there, and then he loudly grunted and we knew he was cumming deep inside the pussy his cock was buried in.
My cock throbbed and pumped its load deep inside Jamie’s cunt, seconds later, and as I was finishing my last few squirts, I felt her pussy start to squeeze and contract as her own orgasm started. I held Jamie tight to keep us both from falling onto the ground from the intensity of our release, but our attempt at silently watching failed as neither of us could contain the moans of our own passion.
After we regained our senses and realized what we had just done, we both laughed and quickly got dressed. We heard some giggling from across the street, and with a quick glance, we saw the man pointing at the window. We wondered if, perhaps, they had been purposely putting on a show for us, knowing we were watching the entire time, or if they had simply spotted us after the fact. We figured they probably didn’t know during, but must have been hoping to be watched since they did that in front of an open window at night, with all the lights on. Either way, we were just thrilled that we got to see them, and as we went inside the house we quickly made our way to the bedroom, horny as hell still from what we had seen, and we fucked again before heading off to sleep.
The next morning Jamie and I fucked again, and after we were done we talked about the night before. Jamie shocked me when she suggested that we try fucking in the living room, with the curtains and window open wide, and all the lights on. When I asked her why, she said, “After they did what they did and know that we watched them, it is only fair that we return the favour… it’s simply a matter of being a good neighbour!
I told her with a huge grin that I liked her reasoning, and we have been keeping our eye on their front window at night ever since, just waiting for the chance to be neighborly!
Unfortunately we haven’t had the opportunity yet, nor have we seen them going at it again, either, but my wife did run into the woman the other day and spoke with her for the first time. She said that the woman didn’t let on that she knew we had watched them fuck, and she invited her and the man, who has now been confirmed as her husband, over to our place for dinner to ‘welcome them to the neighborhood.’
They’ll be here the night after next. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get lucky enough to give dual performances, nice and close up… probably not, but I can dream can’t I?
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  1. Wow, I can't wait to hear the rest of the story, I hope you all get to ride each other, guy to guy and girl to girl and then 69 doing a 4 way. Damn my cock was ozzing pre cum just thinking about her giving him a great bj. mmmmmm, I'd even like to see you drop down and check out his load, mmmmm

  2. There is no continuation to this story.