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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bisexual Fiction: Switch Hitter

By: HerLittlePiggy
My girlfriend, Mandy, and I had gone out drinking, and we were both pretty wasted. I stood up to go to the bathroom, and as I started to walk off she grabbed me and pulled me back to her. She wrapped her arms around me as she sat on the bar stool and kissed me deeply. Our lips parted and our tongues entwined in a white hot kiss as she ground her pussy against my rapidly rising cock.

She broke off the kiss and giggled as she squeezed my hard cock through my shorts. "That was to make sure you miss me while you're gone," she said as she sent me on my way.

I walked to the men's room with a prominent bulge in my shorts, thanks to Mandy's teasing, and then unzipped my pants and pulled out my semi-erect dick to pee at the urinal, as another guy entered and stepped beside me to use the other. I kept my eyes forward, as I always do in a public restroom, and I was startled when the guy beside me spoke.

"Very nice," he said looking down at my still semi-hard dick.

I looked at his face, careful not to look down, and he smiled as his eyes directed me downward. I followed his eyes down to see that his cock was fully hard and I was shocked. Not just because it was hard, but also because it was enormous, easily ten inches long with a thick bulbous head. His hand pumped it slowly as I watched.

Despite the fact that I had never entertained a conscious homosexual thought in my life, I felt my dick twitch and start to stiffen. He continued to slowly stroke his giant cock as he spoke softly. "Do you want a taste?" he asked.

"I don't think so," I stammered as I stuffed my near rigid dick into my pants and walked to the sink. I quickly washed my hands and walked back to Mandy in a daze.

"Did you miss me?" she asked as she pulled me to her and kissed me again. "Mmm, I guess you did," she giggled as she felt my hard cock press against her thigh. "Unless some guy got you hard in the men's room," she teased.

"Actually, some guy did just hit on me in the washroom."

"Oh really? Do tell!"

I proceeded to tell her the whole story, including my unexpected interest in watching him play with his giant cock, and when I finished Mandy was flushed with excitement.

"That was so fucking hot," she said breathlessly. "Feel this," she said softly as she took my hand and guided it under her skirt to her naked pussy. She was soaking wet. "So his dick was really big?" she asked tentatively.

"It was huge, Mandy. Like porn star big."

"Mmm, and looking at him stroking it kind of excited you, didn't it?" Mandy asked. Her voice was thick and raspy and it was clear that she was getting more and more excited.

"A little. I mean it was the first time I had ever seen someone doing that, you know," I said trying to justify my reaction to myself as much as to her.

"So would you ever do anything with a guy?" she asked me. "I have to be honest; the thought of seeing that really excites me!"

"I'm not gay, Mandy," I said plaintively.

"I know you aren't," she said as she kissed me softly on the lips. "But maybe you are a little bi-curious. I mean, watching him stroke his big, hard cock did make you hard, too."

My cock twitched as she emphasized the words big hard cock. "I guess," I answered. I was being as noncommittal as possible because the whole idea made me uneasy.

"It's okay that it excited you," Mandy said as she gave my cock a squeeze. "I mean, I'm bi so I understand. And I have to confess that the thought of you with a guy makes me wet. Who was it anyway?" she queried enthusiastically as she looked around the bar.

I looked around too and found the guy standing by the bar looking right at us. "That guy over there," I said as I casually nodded in his direction.

"Oh god, he's cute too," Mandy said. "I know we haven't ever discussed this, but seeing you suck a guy's dick would be so god damn hot. It has been a fantasy of mine ever since the first time you ate my pussy after you came inside me," she said excitedly. "Would you do that for me? Maybe we could share it," she moaned. "Both of us licking and sucking his giant cock until he cums in our mouths, and then sharing it in a nice deep wet kiss."

Mandy didn't wait for my answer. She just looked over at the guy again and she smiled at him and motioned for him to come over. "He's coming over here," she whispered to me, and my heart raced. I wanted to run and hide but I sat and waited. I was paralyzed by fear, yet far more excited than I could imagine.

Mandy squeezed my cock and giggled. "You are really hard. I think this excites you as much as it does me," she said as my bathroom admirer stepped up to our table.

Mandy took charge of the situation. "Hi, I'm Mandy," she said enticingly. "My boyfriend Jeremy says you have a really nice cock."

"Hi, I'm John. Your boyfriend is right. And I have a really big one too," he said confidently as his eyes roamed over Mandy, and me.

"I know, he told me that too," Mandy smiled.

"You like to watch, don't you?" he said to Mandy.

"Yes," she said playfully.

"Good, then let's get out of here," he said as he turned around and headed for the door.

Mandy grabbed my hand and quickly followed John to the parking lot, dragging me along whether I liked it or not. He walked to a dark corner of the lot behind an SUV and pulled out his giant fuck stick.

Mandy gasped when she saw it and dropped to her knees to get a closer look. She pulled me down beside her as she took the big throbbing rod in her hand. "Touch it," she pleaded with me.

I reached out tentatively and wrapped my fingers around the warm throbbing shaft as Mandy moaned at the sight before her. His cock was hard and warm and my hand slowly stroked the long shaft as pre-cum leaked from the head.

Mandy buried her fingers in her pussy as she watched me play with another man's cock for the first time in my life.

John moaned softly as I stroked his enormous dick with my right hand. I became more comfortable with each stroke and I brought my left hand up and cupped his equally impressive balls.

"You like that, don't you?" Mandy said lustfully.

"Mmmhmm," I moaned as I tore my gaze from the big throbbing cock in front of me and looked at my beautiful girlfriend as she furiously rubbed her swollen clit.

"Lick it. Taste his cock for me," Mandy hissed. "Suck it, please!" she pleaded as her breathing labored and she neared climax.

I looked back at John's big throbbing python and my lips parted. I felt my own dick throbbing with anticipation and excitement as I licked the pre-cum from the thick purple head.

"Yes, god yes," Mandy called out as she came hard beside me.

Her moans and cries of encouragement spurred me on and I opened my mouth wide and took a cock into my mouth for the first time. My right hand steadily stroked his hard shaft while my left caressed his big swollen orbs. Saliva drooled from my mouth as my head bobbed over the huge phallus.

John's hands held my head and I moaned around his big cock as I surrendered to the passion inside me. His hips jogged forward and his cockhead tickled the back of my throat as he gently fucked my virgin mouth.

Mandy continued to cheer me on, and my hand was a blur over John's spit covered shaft as I wantonly worked his magnificent dick.

Deep inside me something clicked and I felt an overwhelming need to taste his seed. Faster and faster I pumped his shaft as my mouth hovered over the tip in anticipation of my reward.

"Oh fuck!" John moaned as his balls tightened in my left hand. I tenderly caressed them as the first shot of cum flew from his cock. It hit the back of my throat and I sucked furiously on his head as my right hand milked his thick rod. Gobs of thick creamy cum filled my mouth and I swallowed to make room for more, but held some of the surprisingly delicious cream in my mouth.

John pushed me away from his hypersensitive cock, and Mandy pulled me into a tight embrace. She pressed her soft lips to mine and we shared John's seed in a deep wet kiss.

John was pulling up his shorts as Mandy broke off our kiss. "Do you want to come home with us and continue the fun?" she asked him.

"I'd love to," John replied. "But I came here with my roommate and I'm his ride… unless you'd be interested in having him come back to your place, too. I'm sure he'd love to join in on the fun."

I opened my mouth to protest. I was nervous enough being with my first guy. Two would be a bit much. But Mandy spoke before I could utter a word. "Sure, the more the merrier!" she said excitedly.

'The more the merrier? Easy for you to say,' I thought. But, so far Mandy had gotten her way and I knew I wasn't going to change her mind, but I had to try. "Uh, don't you think we should at least meet him first, and then decide?" I suggested.

"Oh you'll like Rob. He's twenty five, like me, a good looking guy, too, built like me and almost as hung," John said confidently, and then added, "I don't think either of you will be disappointed. Especially when you feast your eyes on his nine inch uncut cock!"

"Well what are you waiting for? Go get him!" Mandy exclaimed.

I was planning to try to talk Mandy out of bringing in a fourth when John went back to the bar to retrieve his roommate, but unfortunately he didn't leave. Instead he pulled out his cell phone. "Dude, get your ass out to the parking lot." His roommate must have said he wasn't ready to leave yet, because after a pause John said, "Trust me, when you get out here, you'll want to leave with us!" There was another brief pause. "Yup, us," John smiled as he spoke. "We're over in the far corner of the lot," he finished and then hung up.

It was literally only seconds later when a man exited the bar and started to amble over to where we were. When he arrived in front of us he was looking us over curiously, and we were checking him out as well. He was, as John had said, good looking with a body very similar to John's. John made the introductions, and then told Rob what had just transpired between the three of us.

"Hot!" Rob said as he again looked us over.

"We're going back to their place to continue the fun. You wanna join us?" John asked him.

"Fuck, yeah," Rob replied.

John looked at us. "So, how about it, you two up for a little bit of foursome fun?"

"Yes!" Mandy excitedly replied, answering for the both of us and once again not giving me any say in the matter. I had to admit, though, seeing that Rob was a good looking, in-shape guy had me feeling a little bit more at ease. And, knowing that he too had a really big cock excited me some.

"Great! We'll follow you back to your place in our car," John said.

We ventured off to our vehicles and started for home to experience what was most definitely going to be a very memorable night, at least for me.

Soon we pulled up in front of my apartment and waited for John and his roommate to park. We then went inside the building and the four of us trekked up the stairs. I quickly unlocked the door and we all made our way into my small one bedroom apartment.

Once inside, Mandy smiled and looked around the room at the three of us. "Oh, so many men," she said playfully. "What's a girl to do?"

She then began to peel off her clothes and revealed her incredible sexy body to our new friends. Her big natural 36dd tits were firm and proud. Her flat tummy and tiny waist accentuated her full hips and gorgeous ass. She stepped up to me and kissed me deeply as she started to undress me. Our tongues slithered together like two mating snakes as my pants and underwear dropped to the floor and my stiff six inch cock sprung free.

Behind us, John and his roommate Rob undressed to reveal their muscular, athletic bodies. Mandy broke our kiss and whispered in my ear. "I am so excited about what we are about to do. Are you?"

"Yes," I said. And I was. All hesitancy I had felt earlier in the parking lot about a second guy joining us had disappeared. "I know you are dying to feel that monster cock inside you," I said. "And to be honest, I am looking forward to watching it split your pussy as I lick your succulent juices."

"Mmm, let's go fuck," she said as she grabbed my hand and walked over to our new friends, pulling me behind her.

Mandy let go of my hand, dropped slowly to her knees, and grabbed John's monster cock. It looked positively enormous in her tiny hands. She closed her eyes and rubbed the huge cock across her full, perfect lips.

Rob stepped behind my beautiful girlfriend and rubbed his hard cock over her wet swollen pussy lips as Mandy tried to fit John's cock into her mouth. Rob entered her from behind, slipping all nine uncut inches into her, and began fucking my girlfriend with long slow strokes as Mandy licked his roommate's giant cock like a Popsicle. She was clearly enjoying playing with such a fantastic hunk of man meat. I stood back and watched the erotic sight as I stroked my dick until John motioned me over.

I fell to my knees beside Mandy and we kissed deeply as she continued to stroke John's dick. She broke off the kiss and pointed the hard throbbing cock at me, and told me to keep him nice and hard so she could concentrate on fucking Rob first.

I looked up John's tight rippled abs as I leisurely sucked his magnificent cock. Rob had increased his pace and was fucking Mandy hard and fast from behind. Mandy's tight wet pussy proved to be too much for him and he quickly filled her cunt with his hot load of cum.

Rob pulled his softening cock from Mandy's pussy and I took my cue and lay down beside her. She straddled me in a sixty-nine position and lowered her cum filled sloppy cunt onto my face.

I sucked and slurped Rob's seed from my girlfriend's pussy as John took Rob's place behind her. His spit covered cock rubbed over her wet swollen pussy lips as I moved my mouth to her hard clit to grant him access.

"Holy fuck!" Mandy exclaimed as John's giant dick penetrated her. "Jeremy, I love you, and no one has ever made me cum like you have, but this thing is filling my pussy like nothing I ever imagined. Add your amazing tongue, and I have died and gone to heaven!"

John sank his entire monster cock into Mandy's cunt as Rob moved in front of her and offered his semi-hard cock. She took it into her mouth as John eased his dick out, slowly letting her get accustomed to his enormous size.

I licked Mandy's clit and John's glistening cock as he fell into a steady rhythm fucking my girlfriend. He pulled his giant fuck stick from her dripping cunt, shoved it down my throat, and fucked my mouth like a wanton slut before ramming that giant tool back inside Mandy's silky pussy.

John's cock began to piston faster and harder into Mandy's pussy and she came hard as my tongue flicked over her sensitive clit.

"I'm gonna cum soon Mandy, where do you want it?" John asked.

"Fill my pussy, stud, so Jeremy can lick me clean."

John grunted as he filled Mandy's pussy with buckets of warm delicious cum, and then pulled his huge cock from her sloppy pussy and shoved it back into my mouth. I lovingly suckled his dick clean as it softened in my mouth, and then slid out with a loud slurp.

Mandy sat on my face with her sloppy well-fucked pussy and rubbed their combined juices all over me. I felt like a cum-loving whore, and I loved it.

I gulped, sucked and slurped the copious amount of fuck juice from her until she came again and collapsed on the floor in front of the couch.

I crawled over her and pressed myself against her magnificent body as our lips met in a torrid hot kiss.

"I want to see one more thing," she said, and then whispered her request to me.

"Oh, I don't know if these two young guys would be into that," I whispered back. Truth was, I wasn't sure if I was into doing what she wanted.

"It doesn't hurt to ask," Mandy said, and before I could stop her she came right out and asked them.

"Yeah, I'd be into that," Rob replied.

"Me too," John said. "It's been a while but I think I can handle it."

They were willing. Just my luck! Mandy didn't ask if I was into what she wanted once they answered her question. She just hopped to her feet and dashed off to the bedroom to fetch a box of condoms and some lube.

Mandy returned and I rolled a condom over my hard cock as I lubed John's smooth ass. I greased up two fingers and finger fucked his tight asshole as I poured lube over my achingly hard cock. I eased my cock slowly up John's tight asshole until I was buried balls deep inside him. That was the easy part. The hard part, the part I wasn't sure I wanted, was waiting for Rob to finish lubing my virgin asshole before he shoved his cock up my ass. Rob's long fingers slid deep inside my asshole and expertly massaged my prostate as he lubed his dick and prepared to deflower me.

Mandy had always enjoyed fingering me, and, while pleasurable, a finger was far less intrusive than a big, hard cock, and certainly didn't prepare me for the pain as Rob eased his condom covered dick up my ass. Soon, though, the pain subsided and I felt pleasure like I never had before.

We all started moving in perfect unison as Mandy watched and furiously fingered her delectable pussy. Her eyes glazed with lust as she watched a trio of men fuck each other hard right in front of her.

Sweat poured from our bodies, and they glistened in the light as we fucked hard and fast. Like a perfectly choreographed dance, John, Rob and I fucked harder and harder until I filled my condom inside John's tight ass as I grunted and groaned from pleasure.

As John pulled off my cock and moved to catch his breath, Rob's big dick pistoned into my asshole stroking my prostate and keeping my cock hard, even after my powerful climax.

Mandy, seeing my still hard dick, tore the condom off it and climbed beneath me to take John's place. Our lips met in a steamy kiss as Rob's thrusts forced my cock into her soaking wet cunt.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Mandy said breathlessly as her climax approached, and she practically wailed as she came.

"Uh, uh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," I grunted as I came again, depositing my load in her pussy.

Rob cried out as his condom covered cock came up my ass, and then he withdrew it from my newly stretched hole.

Mandy and I collapsed with our lips pressed together in a deep passionate kiss.

"I love you Jeremy," she replied exhaustedly. "Thank you for making my fantasy come true."

"It was my pleasure, believe me... pleasure being the operative world," I chuckled. "And thank you for opening my eyes to a new world of pleasure, one I never ever thought I'd be a part of," I added.

"Would you do it again?" Mandy asked hopefully.

"Definitely! I really liked sucking cock, and, surprisingly, I loved taking it up the ass, too. I especially loved eating another guy's cum out of your pussy… yeah, after this experience, I think you can safely assume that I am now what they call a Switch Hitter," I laughed.

"Welcome to the team," Mandy smiled as she kissed me.

We lost ourselves in our bliss as the world around us seemed to disappear. We didn't even notice John and Rob leave.

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