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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

All Male True Experience: Dirty Laundry

By: Unknown Author

I don't own a washer or dryer, so I have to do my laundry at a tiny Laundromat about a block away. I had a date tonight, and I was hoping it would end with a little 'pillow talk' and I needed to wash the sheets just in case.

When I arrived, there were three other people doing laundry; two women and a young college-aged dude, plus one unattended load in a dryer. I threw my sheets in a washer, and then crashed in a chair to wait. Like any gay man would do, I was casually scoping out the college dude. He was pretty hot, with short brown hair, a good body, and a decent sized bulge in his pants. We made eye contact a few times, and I caught his eyes glancing down at my tight jeans a couple times.

Within about forty-five minutes I'd switched my sheets to a dryer, and both women had left. At that point, he and I were both sitting in front of the dryers. We kept making casual eye contact, and eventually I gave him a little nod and said "wassup?" followed by a glance down at his crotch. He said "not much," then glanced down at MY crotch. I have to admit, at that point my dick was growing a little.

A few minutes later he slid down in his chair, stretching his legs out in front of him. When I glanced over, I could see that he had a boner bulging in his pants. He looked over at me for a second, and when he saw me looking, he quickly looked back at his dryer, but reached down and squeezed his bulge. That made my dick hard as fuck. He turned to look again, his eyes glancing at my crotch, and he gave the outline of his hard cock a little rub.

Trying to act casual, I glanced out at the parking lot to see if anyone had pulled up, and there wasn't anyone. After working up my nerve, I slowly stood up and checked my sheets to see if they were dry, turning my body so he had a clear view of the hard cock in my jeans. After closing the dryer door, I turned and walked past him, adjusting my bone, and giving him a little nod as I headed to the bathroom. As I stepped into the bathroom, I paused and glanced over at him, squeezing my cock. He glanced toward the parking lot, then stood up and walked over to join me.

As soon as he closed the door, I was leaning against the sink with my dick already out, and seconds later the college dude was on his knees sucking my cock. He held it by the base with one hand while bouncing his mouth on it, and didn't seem to have any problem taking the entire thing. It'd been a LONG time since I did anything in a public place, and this had gotten me incredibly turned on.

It only took about five minutes before I was at that point where I knew I could cum, or deny it a little longer by telling him to slow it down a little. Since I knew someone would be showing up for that 'unattended' load of laundry at any moment, I decided to let it go. Letting the horny moment wash over me, I felt the cum building in my nuts and looked down to watch the dude's mouth bobbing on my cock. That's all it took. To give the dude at least some warning, I whispered "I'm gonna cum" just before I felt the jizz leave my nuts. I figured he'd pull off and jack me off, but he kept sucking as the first shot blasted his mouth. He kept right on milking as I blasted spurt after spurt down his throat, swallowing every drop.

When my nuts were finally drained, he slowly pulled off and jacked my dick for a few moments as he smiled up at me and said, "How was that?"

It was incredible, which is exactly what I told him!

As I tucked my still stiff bone back in my jeans, he turned and reached for the door. I grabbed the back of his shirt before he could leave and told him I'd like to get him off, too. His cock was still bulging through his jeans like a piece of iron, and he looked completely surprised by my offer to reciprocate.

A few moments later he was the one leaning against the sink now. I noticed a wet spot in his briefs when he pulled his pants down below his balls. When he pulled his cock out of his underwear, his head had a thick coating of pre-cum. His cock looked to be about seven inches, a bit slender, with a big mushroom head.

He moaned when I began to suck on his stiff knob. He must have been horny as fuck, because it only seemed like a couple of minutes before he urgently whispered, "I'm gonna shoot."

Suddenly my mouth was flooded with VERY thick jizz as his nuts dumped their load. He hunched forward a little, holding me against him as his stiff cock did its work. After he finished, I slowly withdrew and stroked a few final pearls of cum from his thick head.

Once I'd licked him clean, I stood up, as he quickly stuffed his hard dick back in his underwear, yanked up his jeans, and zipped up. He seemed almost embarrassed as he said "thanks," then reached past me for the door and added "we should go."

The place was still empty when we stepped out of the washroom back into the main room. His dryer had stopped, but mine was still going. He quickly yanked his clothes from the dryer, and without stopping to fold them, headed for the door. As he flew past me, he said "later," then was out the door.

I crashed in my chair again to wait for my dryer to finish. I didn't even get his name.

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