"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bisexual Fiction: Switch Hitter

By: HerLittlePiggy
My girlfriend, Mandy, and I had gone out drinking, and we were both pretty wasted. I stood up to go to the bathroom, and as I started to walk off she grabbed me and pulled me back to her. She wrapped her arms around me as she sat on the bar stool and kissed me deeply. Our lips parted and our tongues entwined in a white hot kiss as she ground her pussy against my rapidly rising cock.

She broke off the kiss and giggled as she squeezed my hard cock through my shorts. "That was to make sure you miss me while you're gone," she said as she sent me on my way.

I walked to the men's room with a prominent bulge in my shorts, thanks to Mandy's teasing, and then unzipped my pants and pulled out my semi-erect dick to pee at the urinal, as another guy entered and stepped beside me to use the other. I kept my eyes forward, as I always do in a public restroom, and I was startled when the guy beside me spoke.

"Very nice," he said looking down at my still semi-hard dick.

I looked at his face, careful not to look down, and he smiled as his eyes directed me downward. I followed his eyes down to see that his cock was fully hard and I was shocked. Not just because it was hard, but also because it was enormous, easily ten inches long with a thick bulbous head. His hand pumped it slowly as I watched.

Despite the fact that I had never entertained a conscious homosexual thought in my life, I felt my dick twitch and start to stiffen. He continued to slowly stroke his giant cock as he spoke softly. "Do you want a taste?" he asked.

"I don't think so," I stammered as I stuffed my near rigid dick into my pants and walked to the sink. I quickly washed my hands and walked back to Mandy in a daze.

"Did you miss me?" she asked as she pulled me to her and kissed me again. "Mmm, I guess you did," she giggled as she felt my hard cock press against her thigh. "Unless some guy got you hard in the men's room," she teased.

"Actually, some guy did just hit on me in the washroom."

"Oh really? Do tell!"

I proceeded to tell her the whole story, including my unexpected interest in watching him play with his giant cock, and when I finished Mandy was flushed with excitement.

"That was so fucking hot," she said breathlessly. "Feel this," she said softly as she took my hand and guided it under her skirt to her naked pussy. She was soaking wet. "So his dick was really big?" she asked tentatively.

"It was huge, Mandy. Like porn star big."

"Mmm, and looking at him stroking it kind of excited you, didn't it?" Mandy asked. Her voice was thick and raspy and it was clear that she was getting more and more excited.

All Male Fiction: A Balcony Built for Two

By: ruaridh & Ryan Michaels
It was a hot Saturday in June, and I awoke early with the sun streaming in the window. I showered and didn't put any clothes on, loving that feeling of cock and balls swinging free as I walked around the apartment. I had started getting interested in naturism about five years ago. I lived in a top floor unit and could be nude without anyone being able to see in, unless they were using binoculars that is. I also have two balconies on different sides of the apartment, so I can sit outside on a good day and get the sun for most of it.

Around 10am I had my first stint on the balcony, drinking some coffee. As I sat there, the sun beat down on my body and my cock was still thick with that early morning wood feeling. I casually played with it and allowed myself to get hard for a few minutes, cock pointing up towards the hot sun. Nobody could see I was naked because the balcony had a solid wall, which hid everything below the waist. You could do what you wanted behind that wall and, even if I stood up, my cock was just below the top of the wall.

After a couple of hours of reading a book, and sometimes playing with myself, I decided I could use a cold drink. I stood up, taking care to ensure my cock stayed out of sight, and saw that a new neighbor in the building opposite was also on his balcony, but, of course, the sun was the wrong way for him. My movement caught his eye, and instead of going inside I leaned on the balcony wall and gave him a wave, and said, "Beautiful day, huh?"

He waved back and called across to me, "Yes it sure is. You're lucky you have the sun over there."

I nodded. "Should have it another couple of hours, then it goes around the corner and I can use my other balcony."

He paused a minute and then shouted, "Don't suppose you'd like to share that sun, would you?"

He looked a good fifteen years or so younger than me, and quite hot. I didn't hesitate for a minute. "Come on over," I waved.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Straight True Experience: Shopping for King Size

By: wetpussy4u
Unlike most women, I hate to shop for anything, so I avoid it with a passion. However, I was really in need of a new bed. I had put it off for quite a while, but when one of the major department stores in town advertised that they were open until midnight for the last few days before Christmas, I decided it would be a good time to go and get it over with. I figured I would not have to deal with huge crowds if I went about an hour before they closed, plus most people would probably be shopping for other things, like clothes, electronics, CD's and DVD's, you know, the more standard Christmas gift-giving fare, not beds.

I got there about forty minutes before closing and, like I figured, it wasn't that busy, and most of the shoppers were shopping for just the kinds of things I thought. As a matter of fact, when I got up to the higher floor that housed the mattresses and box springs and such, I was the only person there except for a salesman at a sales counter over by the lamp shades. He was staring at the computerized cash register screen, keying in stuff, and didn't even notice me, or if he did, he didn't acknowledge my presence. I didn't bother to go over to him, figuring I could find the beds all by myself. Besides, I didn't need some salesman pressuring me before I had made up my mind, in order to make a sale.

I ended up walking clear across to the opposite end of the floor from where I had entered before I came across the mattresses and box springs. They had a bunch set up on frames, so I sat down on the edge of one of the king sized nearest to me, thinking I might as well try it out, bouncing around a little, just to see how the springs responded. Then I got on the bed, on my back, and rested my arms at my sides and closed my eyes to get a feel for the comfort level.

I then heard the sound of someone clearing their throat. I opened my eyes to see a man standing there. It was the salesman who had been behind the sales counter. I hadn't really gotten a good look at him before, since his head had been down, but he wasn't hard on the eyes at all! He had long dark hair that brushed his collar, a squared jaw, and beautiful blue eyes. The dress shirt he wore did nothing to hide his pecs, and his dress slacks hugged his package nicely.

Being that I live in a place with a year round warm climate, and hadn't seen any point in getting dressed up to spend my money, I was still wearing the shorts and the tank top I'd started the day in. I'm also a fanatic about staying in shape, and with the way I was dressed, sprawled on the bed no less, the dude could see plenty, and his eyes were taking me in. From the look on the salesman's face, he liked what he saw. His Adams Apple was bobbing as he swallowed a couple of times, and I could have sworn the size of his bulge seemed to have increased slightly.

"May I help you?" he finally said.

All Male Fiction: A Moth to a Flame (Part 3)

(Days of Our Lives Slash Fiction)
By: Mistress Euclid

Will sat on the edge of the bed in the DiMera guest room, the same one where he and EJ had… he didn't want to think about what had happened or what was going to happen. Of course, he'd thought about what had happened, dreamed about it since it had happened. He'd cried about it. He hated EJ. EJ was a bad person.

But he had enjoyed what had happened between them. He'd even enjoyed the dirtiness of it. EJ used to be his stepfather. That should have turned him off, but it turned him on. Although, Will tried not to picture EJ with his mother, that was a kink too far. But still, he understood a little why his mother was always drawn into EJ's web. The man was seductive.

Will took a deep breath. Moments before, EJ had ordered him upstairs.

"We're going to be alone in the house all afternoon, William," he said.

"You don't say," replied Will as he goofed off on the computer.

"Why don't you go upstairs to the guest room. You know the one I showed you the other day. I'll join you momentarily."

Will inhaled a sharp breath, and then he stood up. "Whatever you say, boss."

The doorknob rattled and then the door opened, and EJ appeared wearing a bathrobe, which hung open at the chest. Will stared for a moment before snapping himself out of it. He told himself he could leave. He had plenty on EJ; he didn't need to be having sex with him. But Will didn't want to leave.

EJ shut the door and locked it. "Why are you still wearing your clothes, William?"

All Male Fiction: A Moth to a Flame (Part 2)

(Days of Our Lives Slash Fiction)
By: Mistress Euclid

Will knew he couldn't go home, and so he drove around for a while, finally parking near Horton Square. He shut off the car, and he shook his head. Here he was, prince of the Horton family, pillar of the community, and he had just spent the afternoon sucking the cock of a DiMera. And getting his sucked in return. Worse, it wasn't even Chad's cock.

Chad was Will's best friend and 100% straight. Until recently, Will hadn't even realized that the intense affection he felt for his best friend wasn't quite normal for two guys. But now that he had, Will had tried to shut those feelings off as best he could. He didn't ever want to do anything to make Chad uncomfortable, and he certainly didn't want Chad knowing what he had just done with his big brother.

All Male Fiction: Service While You Wait

By: Anthony

I've never considered myself to be anything but straight, never having any sexual thoughts towards men in my entire life. Even when I hit puberty I never had any curiosities or explorations with another boy, like they say most boys have. Of course they also say that most men will have at least one homosexual experience at some point in their life.

That point in my life came when I was twenty-four, when I stopped off at a service station on the way home from a weekend of camping with a couple of friends. I wasn't in need of gas, but of mechanical service, as my oil light had come on a few miles back. I was on my own, as my two buddies had travelled to the camp site in one vehicle because I had to work later than they did, and they wanted to leave for the weekend earlier. I was just grateful that I came across the service station when I did.

Pulling up near the auto bay, I hopped out of my car and headed inside.

"Help you?" a voice asked as a young guy in blue coveralls came into view.

"Yes, the oil light in my car came on. Could I get an oil change?" I asked, and he nodded. "How long will that take?"

"Shouldn't take too long at all," he said. "It's been kind of slow lately. In fact, you're my first customer for today."

"Great," I said. "Um, is there a washroom I could use?"

"Right through there," he said with a smile, pointing. Besides the mechanics bay, there was also a small coffee shop/diner attached to the garage.

I thanked him and made my way to the diner to take a leak.

As I entered the men's room, the one and only urinal was out of service, so I headed to the first stall. As I closed the door behind myself I was shocked to see a large hole in the partition separating the two stalls. I wasn't naïve, I knew what it was. Hell, I even had a porno with girls sucking cock though glory holes. I guess I just never thought that gay guys did it too. But then why would I ever think about that?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bisexual True Experience: Makin' It Happen

By: bestofbothworlds_87
I'm a single bisexual guy, in my early twenties. I work out regularly, am considered attractive by most, and, because of my looks and body, I never really have any problem getting laid. Even with my young age (I'm 23), I have had lots of sex with both men and women alike. However, I have never had a threesome before… well not a threesome with another guy that is. It was something I desperately wanted to do. But I didn't want to just tag team a pussy, I wanted to have sex with both the woman and the man.

Determined to make it happen, I hit the Internet, found an adult site for such things, signed up (I had to pay, which I wasn't too thrilled about, but figured if people were paying to advertise they would be serious about hooking up), and created an ad with photo, telling exactly what I was looking for. My ad was pending, requiring approval before it would appear on the site, but I was free to access and browse the ads already posted by other members. I found and answered several other ads from my area, which appeared to suit what I was looking for.

Over the next few days, I got a few replies back from those I had sent messages to, as well as some responses to my own ad, which had since been approved. In both cases, either they wanted more than what I was offering, they lived too far away and wanted me to travel to them, or I plain wasn't interested for whatever reason.

About a month later, I got a response that seemed promising. They were a married couple, both 34, both attractive and in decent shape based on their picture, and were seeking a bi or bi-curious male - or another couple with a bi or bi-curious male - and stated that they were quite interested in me. They lived about thirty minutes away. A thirty minute drive wasn't a problem, so I replied back, letting them know I was interested in discussing it further, and gave them my email address.

They contacted me the very next day, and after a few email exchanges, interest was high and all agreed that we would meet in person as the next step. Arrangements were made to meet at a bar near where they lived.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

All Male Fiction: A Moth to a Flame (Part 1)

(Days of Our Lives Slash Fiction)
By: Mistress Euclid
The DiMera mansion always felt both familiar and alien to Will. It was home, but also something out of a gothic nightmare. He stared at the fire, wondering how he was going to extract himself from EJ when he was ready to do so.

Yes, he had shot EJ, but that was a long time ago when Will was a minor. Will didn't want the story coming out, but now he knew something far worse about the future mayor than just a sexual tryst with an ex-wife. He knew that EJ had stolen Abe's job plan. When the time was right, Will would use that and whatever other ammunition EJ would eventually give him to call a truce. But Will had no interest in a truce.

Will ticked off the things EJ had given him: A paid internship for course credit, an amazing car, an adrenaline rush from stealing the job plan… and best of all, a way to drive his slut of a mother crazy. Christmas had come late, but it had come.

"Good afternoon, William," purred EJ.

Will turned around. EJ stood in the doorway of the living room, with a soft grin. Will's heart started to beat a little. He wondered what EJ would have him do next.

"So, boss," he said. "What now? Want me to pick up those flyers from the printer?"
EJ strode into the living room, and he poured himself a drink. "Eager for a chance to drive your new car?"

"Why wouldn't I be? It's beautiful," replied Will.

EJ walked carefully over to Will, he lifted up his free hand and placed it on Will's cheek. Will had pulled away the last time EJ touched him, but he didn't this time. He froze.

"It's not the only thing around here that's beautiful," whispered EJ.

Will swallowed, and his heart nearly caught in his throat. He wasn't stupid. He had noticed EJ flirting with him, making innuendoes. Will closed his eyes, and he felt EJ's lips on his own. Will stepped back.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

All Male Fiction: The Mysterious Jockstrap Exchange

By: Unknown Author

My health club was well equipped with every machine known to ever pull or push a muscle. In a medium sized city in the South, it was as much a social center as it was a fitness center, and just about everyone you knew was a member of the club. I worked out there, not strenuously, but consistently, each day of the week.

My locker was in a corner, and across from it there were a couple of lockers that were not assigned, and had remained unused ever since I first joined the club. At least no one ever used them while I was there. One day, however, I noticed one of the locker doors slightly ajar, and it looked like there was something in it. Out of curiosity I opened it, and inside there was just one single item… a jockstrap.

My initial reaction was to ignore it, and I softly closed the door, almost as though I did not want to be caught looking at a jockstrap. However, some curious urge inside of me caused me to open the door again. I picked up the jockstrap and examined it, looking around and over my shoulder to make sure that no one could see me doing this. It had been worn, and it looked as though the wearer had left a load in it. Yes, I sniffed it. Then I stuffed it into my gym bag.

At home I retrieved the purloined article. It had an almost magical spell over me, and I did not have any idea why. Holding it was giving me an erection. The scent of it was heady and erotic. I was intrigued by it, and I had to wear it.

Friday, March 22, 2013

All Male Fiction: Making Changes

Unknown Author
I was an army brat, and dad got transferred as often as some people changed suits. Being the new kid was never easy no matter how many times I started at a new school. But after a day or so of people noticing I was new, I rarely garnered a second glance from most after that; I pretty much went through school unnoticed. I usually didn't give a shit, but with this latest move taking place at the start of my senior year, I was determined to make new friends before graduation, and had made up my mind, even before we moved to the new town, that I was going to make another type of change… I was going to change my image.

One of the first things I did was buy a pair of tinted contact lenses, a bright blue to match my recently bleached hair. And I splurged on some new clothes, more fashionable than the old-jeans-and-t-shirt I usually sported.

I also decided that I was going to be more open about my sexual interests, go all out for cock, and damn the consequences. I didn't really care what anybody thought about me, and it wasn't like I was going to be there for long anyway. Plus, I was a big enough guy to take on most of the boys who might try to make life tough for me once they knew I liked dick, including the football jocks, so I wasn't to worried.

I'd thought it all out beforehand when I invited Jason over to my house for the first time. Jason was the hot kid in my algebra class. He was a hot jock on the Rugby team, and we sat side-by-side in the back row of class. I was sorry it wasn't gym class that we shared. I would always sneak looks at him, checking him out, and it wasn't too long before I kinda got the feeling that Jason also had an interest in boys. Well, at least I caught him checking me out a few times too, and I could have sworn he had gotten hard in his pants on more than one occasion while he was looking. After seeing that was when I invited him over to my place, on the pretense of helping him with his algebra.

I answered the door stark naked, part of the plan.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

All Male Fiction: Summer Lovers

By: the_chrisinater
Brian and I grew up together. Living next door to each other we naturally played together when we were young. All through school we played sports together, and even double-dated girls all through high school. When we went away to different colleges, though, I was afraid our lifelong friendship would be broken up. Little did I know that "playing together" would take on a whole new connotation when we both came home for the summer after our first year of college.
I guess, looking back on it, we must have had some sort of inkling that something was different about us. When we were dating girls in high school, we weren't like the other guys, trying to see how far we could get with our

Brian and I were both still virgins when we went away to college.

It was that first year of college when I acknowledged that I was different, that I was gay. I had my first sexual experience with a guy one month after arriving at college. We didn't do anything more than jerk each other off, but it was a life-changing event.

From that first sexual encounter with a guy, I moved quickly, sucking a guy off before midterms, getting my ass fucked before spring break, then fucking another man up the ass while in Florida on spring break.
By the time I got home for the summer, I was comfortable with being gay. And now that I knew what I was, I wanted to do as much about it as I could. I wanted to suck, fuck, and get fucked as often as I could - I was out, and I wanted to enjoy life.
The one thing I hadn’t thought about was Brian. To say that I felt apprehensive about seeing my lifelong buddy after experiencing such a drastic change in my life would be putting it mildly. When I first saw him, I had a panic attack.
Our conversation was palpably strained that first day. Both of us were obviously uneasy, and I figured it was because Brian could somehow tell that I was gay. We didn't talk about anything substantive, and neither did we make plans to do anything together. We were both planning on looking for summer jobs, so I kind of figured that we wouldn’t be seeing much of each other.
I felt sad, as if I had lost something. I had gained the knowledge of whom and what I was, but I had lost my buddy in the process.
A week went by, and Brian and I only saw each other in passing. The summer job hunt was not going well. Neither of us had even had a nibble. Still, we didn't hang out together, even though we both had plenty of time to kill.
It was the following Monday when Brian knocked on our door. Mom and Dad had both left for work, and I had just stepped out of the shower. I wore only a towel around my waist. Brian came in and flopped on the living room sofa, sighing and telling me what I already knew - that there wasn't shit in the classifieds.

Straight Fiction: Circle of Dreams

By: 2Xwidderwoman
I was just stepping out of the shower when I heard the doorbell. I hadn't ordered a pizza, and I wasn't expecting company. I figured it was some kind of salesman that I could get rid of quickly, so I grabbed a towel, wrapped it around my waist, and headed toward the front door.

I opened the door, trying to stay back a little. I wasn't interested in the whole neighborhood seeing my almost bare butt at the front door.

A young woman, who appeared to be in her early twenties, with a backpack slung over one shoulder, looked up and asked, "1837 Boston, right?"

"Yes," I replied, acknowledging that she had the correct address.

She looked at a small slip of paper in her hand, "You're Paul, right?"


She turned and waved at a car parked at the curb, and it drove away. She then pushed the door open a little further, and invited herself into my house by stepping inside.

I was just about to let her have it, and tell her to get the fuck out of my house, when she dropped her backpack and opened the front of her trench coat.

Oh. My. God. I must have stared at her for a full minute, and I may have even drooled. Some magician had ripped the middle out of a Playboy Magazine, waved a magic wand over it, and put the real live centerfold inside my house. I quickly closed the door.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

All Male True Experience: Dirty Laundry

By: Unknown Author

I don't own a washer or dryer, so I have to do my laundry at a tiny Laundromat about a block away. I had a date tonight, and I was hoping it would end with a little 'pillow talk' and I needed to wash the sheets just in case.

When I arrived, there were three other people doing laundry; two women and a young college-aged dude, plus one unattended load in a dryer. I threw my sheets in a washer, and then crashed in a chair to wait. Like any gay man would do, I was casually scoping out the college dude. He was pretty hot, with short brown hair, a good body, and a decent sized bulge in his pants. We made eye contact a few times, and I caught his eyes glancing down at my tight jeans a couple times.

Within about forty-five minutes I'd switched my sheets to a dryer, and both women had left. At that point, he and I were both sitting in front of the dryers. We kept making casual eye contact, and eventually I gave him a little nod and said "wassup?" followed by a glance down at his crotch. He said "not much," then glanced down at MY crotch. I have to admit, at that point my dick was growing a little.

A few minutes later he slid down in his chair, stretching his legs out in front of him. When I glanced over, I could see that he had a boner bulging in his pants. He looked over at me for a second, and when he saw me looking, he quickly looked back at his dryer, but reached down and squeezed his bulge. That made my dick hard as fuck. He turned to look again, his eyes glancing at my crotch, and he gave the outline of his hard cock a little rub.

All Male True Experience: Blow Buddies

By: freddyfjjackson

My first time is hard to classify. I am not sure what one considers the first time. When it comes to sex, everyone does a lot of things for the first time. The first guy that I ever jerked off with was also the first guy I had an oral experience with. We were teenagers for both experiences, and looking back, I don’t think it was his first time doing either.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

All Male Fiction: Private Lessons (Part 2)

By: Ryan Michaels
The next day, Ryan felt kind of embarrassed around Mr. Johnson, knowing he had seen his boner. But, he was happy in knowing that at least he wouldn’t be stuck showering with him again. Mr. Johnson kept careful track of the rotation, always making sure that those who showered first the previous day didn’t get to shower first two days in a row. The same held true for those who had had to shower last.
When the physical activities of gym class came to an end, and the students had all returned to the locker room to take their showers, Ryan sat and awaited his name to be called. He couldn’t believe his ears when Mr. Johnson got around to calling out the third group and his name wasn’t called. He had to have remembered that Ryan showered last the day before. How could he possibly forget that after what happened! But there was nothing Ryan could do about it. And at least the guy who had been absent the day before was back in class, so the rotation numbers were back to normal, and that meant that Ryan wouldn’t have to shower with his teacher alone this time. With his embarrassment of the day before, and with another student being there, Ryan was quite confident he would not get another hard-on in the showers.
As Ryan sat around waiting for the final group of six to finish their showers, Mr. Johnson walked over and informed him that he was to come with him to help take the volleyball net down. Reluctantly, Ryan got up and followed. He avoided eye contact with his teacher as they took the net down. Thankfully Mr. Johnson didn’t speak at all, except when they had it down and he told Ryan to take it to the storage room, and then return to the locker room to take his shower.
When Ryan returned to the locker room, he stopped abruptly when he saw the other student that was in his shower rotation getting dressed. His hair was wet, making it obvious he had already showered and wasn’t just taking advantage of Mr. Johnson’s absence by trying to skip out without taking one. That meant that like the day before, Ryan would be showering with just his teacher, the two of them, alone and naked together in the tight confines of the showers again.

Bisexual Fiction: Bones

By: Haywood Jablomi

It all started with a simple game of dominoes. It was a typical August day in Utah. It had started out hot, and it was only getting hotter. We were down in the basement, the only place where the AC seemed to work. I was sucking down Budweisers; she was knee deep in the Patron. It was a Saturday afternoon, and all those things that we had put off all week still weren’t getting done. The car was still dirty, the grass was still long, and the dog was still smelly. As the mercury edged toward 104 it was apparent that unless a freak snowstorm hit, all those chores would be waiting for us on Sunday.
We were sitting at the old wooden table that still had the felt on it from Tuesday’s poker game. I was in a pair of Levis shorts and some flip-flops. Although it was almost 4:30, she still had on her Jimmie Johnson pajama bottoms, as well as a wife beater. While 78 degrees was considerably cooler than it was outside, it had nothing to do with her nipples practically bursting through her shirt. She had naturally pointy tits, not too big, not too small, and while I worshipped them, she felt it necessary to keep them confined inside a bra nearly twenty four hours a day. The heat had never deterred her before, and neither had sheer laziness. But whatever the reason was that she had the girls out of their cages today, I didn’t care. I was enjoying the sight of her high beams shining directly on me.
To be fair, it wasn’t just her God-given symmetry that had her nips straining against the thin cotton shirt more than usual. It was the conversation. Some girls got flush, some got wet, but whenever my wife got even the tiniest bit turned on her nipples immediately snapped to attention, often defying the thick padded bras she wore to hide them. And over the past ten minutes they had gone from erotically hypnotizing to dangerously close to putting an eye out.
We had been playing dominoes for the better part of a twelve-pack, and as is our custom, we had been wagering on each game. The bets were always simple, loser had to do some menial task, i.e. empty the dishwasher, weed the garden, balance the checkbook, etc. But last week, for some unknown reason, we had upped the ante. It started out innocent enough. She had had a hard day at work and so she suggested that the loser give the winner a back rub. I agreed, and three games later I was on the bed enjoying my massage. From there the wagers steadily grew more risqué. On Monday it was a full body massage, then a hand job. On Wednesday it was oral sex, and the next game I proposed anal sex. I only mentioned it because I was riding a wave of victories, confident that I would get to drive up that back road for the first time since her sister’s wedding almost two years ago, when my little Maid of Honor got so shitfaced on Long Island Iced Teas that she was doing some dirty dancing that would have made Patrick Swayze blush. After getting caught with our pants down in the women’s bathroom, we left for home, but only got as far as the Denny’s parking lot two blocks away. And it was there in the back seat of our Nissan Altima that I took her anal virginity, at her insistence nonetheless.
I don’t know if it was my irritating overconfidence or her own self-assurance, but she didn’t bat an eye. “Ok,” she said. “But you better be awake when I get home from the sex shop with a strap-on to fuck you back there.”

Monday, March 18, 2013

All Male Fiction: Making a Move

By: jay_slim_n_smooth & Ryan Michaels

“You know what, guys? I’m tired. I’m going to bed.”

I’d figured that Sean would be the first to crack. After all, we had spent the afternoon and most of the evening helping him move. When he had asked for our help, he had offered Mark and I free beers after and an invite to crash at his new place, since he figured things would go late. Things did go late, and we spent a few hours drinking those free beers after that. It was now 2 am, so I didn’t give him a hard time about it.
Mark on the other hand, felt differently. “Dude, seriously?”
“Yeah, I can’t keep my eyes open much longer, and if I fall asleep out here you guys will draw on my face or something.”
“That almost certainly won’t happen,” I said, smiling.
“Yeah, right,” he laughed. “There’s some bedding stuff in that box over there,” he said pointing. “There should be pillows in one of them, too. See you guys in the morning,” he finished as he got up and walked out of the room.
I watched him as he left, maybe for a bit too long given that Mark was still in the room with me. At 23, I figured I would know who I was, but I’d been struggling with certain feelings concerning my sexuality recently. In particular, those feelings were directed towards Sean; he was my best friend, but I felt more than that. Lately I’d started having dreams about kissing him, and undressing him, only to wake up confused and sporting a very hard cock. I’d lost count of the number of times I’d jacked off and cum all over my stomach after I’d woken like that.
“Dude, give me a hand getting the sofa bed out,” Mark said.
We were going to be sharing the sofa bed in the living room, since Sean’s new place was a very small one bedroom, and with the sofa open, there wasn’t really enough floor space left over in the small living room for someone to sleep without being cramped. The sofa was big enough that we weren’t going to be on top of each other though, and we’d be able to watch TV in bed, too.

All Male Fiction: Promises, Promises

By: AfroerotiK

Being a bachelor is great, right? You can do what you want, come and go as you please, with no one to answer to. However, there's a side to living the single life that a lot of guys don't like to talk about. If the majority of your sex comes from a computer screen, and not a human being, life can be really lonely for the single guy.
That was the sad reality for Chase. He worked nine to five at a job that was incredibly boring. He couldn't really complain too much, though. He got away with doing as little work as possible and got paid well enough to save a little, and live comfortably. He was attractive by most standards, but he just wasn't the sort of guy that felt comfortable going out and picking up random chicks. He could if he applied himself to the effort, but it just didn’t seem worth the drama.
It was the ride home from work where Chase's inner sexual demons started taunting him. Living alone, Chase had become addicted to masturbation. He felt guilty about the fact that he felt like he was enslaved to his raging sexual desires. Sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic, he made a deal with himself. "I'm not going to do it tonight. Yeah, in fact I'm not going to do it for an entire month, starting today, I promise," he affirmed aloud.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

All Male True Experience: My First Blowjob

By: Jimmy J

I’m a really shy guy, and being shy, I pretty much kept to myself with only one really good friend. I wasn’t comfortable in social settings so I never really went out on weekends, or ever got invited to parties and such. On top of being shy, I also knew from an early age that I was gay, which made me feel even more isolated.
I’m an attractive guy, and I work out, so I have a good build, but approaching someone for sex, let alone another guy, was out of the question for a shy guy like me. So I was still a virgin when most of the guys my age had, at the very least, already had blowjobs.
That was something I dreamed about. Many a night, I masturbated under my sheets, fantasizing about being given a blowjob, or giving one. God, it was thrilling just thinking about what it would be like, and I wanted to experience it, desperately, but it seemed like it would always be just a pipe dream and would never happen for me. But that all changed a week and a half ago.

Straight Fiction: A Chance Encounter

By: Brian

My wife and I were sitting in the hotel bar having a glass of wine, when I noticed this guy kept looking at her. It was understandable; my wife was a very pretty red-head with nice, firm, good sized tits, long legs and a beautiful ass. She was wearing a spaghetti strap summer dress and sandals with heels, which only accentuated her beautiful body.
After a while I decided to go to the bathroom to see if he was going to make a move on her, which he did. When I came back he was sitting next to her chatting her up. He introduced himself as Steve and we ended up sitting and talking for quite a while. His eyes were all over my wife’s body the entire time.
When last call was made we we’re busy talking and laughing. Steve turned out to be a smart and well-read guy with whom we had a lot in common. As the evening had progressed he increasingly but discretely put a hand on my wife’s shoulder, back, or knee whenever she said something funny.
Soon the bar closed and all three of us headed to the elevator. As we got into the elevator, my wife entering first, I noticed how Steve was not just discreetly checking out my wife’s ass, but was openly staring at it. When he saw that I had noticed him looking, he looked like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I just smiled and gave my head a nod, indicating that it was perfectly fine with me. When the elevator stopped at our floor, I asked if he would like to join us for a nightcap in our room. He accepted the invitation. I, of course, had ulterior motives.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

All Male Fiction: Stiff Jock

Unknown Author

It was an unusually hot October day. The dorm was not air conditioned, so I had the window open. I had been jogging earlier, and I was still shirtless in a pair of running shorts, studying on my bed. The door opened, and my roommate, also in gym clothes, staggered into the room.
Tim and I had been roommates for about six weeks, and friends for the better part of a year. We had hit it off in English class last spring. Since neither of us was thrilled with the roommates assigned to us as freshmen, we decided to room together sophomore year. Tim was a smart jock, and I was an athletically active “brain”. Both our families were dirt poor. He was getting a free ride for his abilities in gymnastics and track, and I for my grades and SAT scores.
Fortunately, Tim’s extraordinary athletic talents didn’t extend to either basketball or racquetball, so we had sports in which we were fairly evenly matched. That matchup extended beyond athletics. I respected his opinion, so I had someone to bounce ideas off of when writing a paper.
We had double dated for a while. Neither one of us had any trouble getting women interested in us - just the opposite. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very good at the sex part. Hell, I was plain awful! I had only managed to cum inside a woman twice in my entire life. Of course, I already knew why, but I wasn’t about to tell Tim, even though I got the vibe that maybe we shared that in common.
After closing the door, Tim pulled off his top and his shorts and fell face down on the bed.
“You’re late today,” I commented. “Rough practice? You look like shit.” That was a lie. Tim never looked like shit, and certainly not face down on the bed wearing only his jock.

Bisexual Fiction: Two into One Will Go

Unknown Author
Although this story mostly contains straight sex, there is a scene where the two males put their dicks into one pussy, and the one guy vocalizes wanting to fuck her pussy and the other guy's cock at the same time. For this reason, I am going to label this story as bisexual. -Ryan
Jeremy and I had been married almost 12 months, twelve glorious fun-filled and sex-filled months! For us it had been love at first sight and we were married in a little over a month after meeting, and it seemed like we’d been on a permanent honeymoon ever since. Everyone said we were perfectly matched, both of medium height, both dark haired, both reasonably good looking - well I certainly thought Jeremy was and he thought I was the sexiest creature on the planet. And I tried to prove to him I was as often as I could; which was pretty often. The other thing we had in common was a seemingly insatiable hunger for sex. In fact, the only cloud on our idyllic life was Jeremy’s best friend Jake.
Jeremy and Jake had been almost inseparable all through school and college; they were closer than most brothers. And it was Jake that had stood up for Jeremy as the best man at our wedding. I liked Jake; in fact I liked him a lot! Next to Jeremy I couldn’t think of another man that I liked more or got on better with, and I’d made it quite plain right at the outset that I had no intention of interfering in their very special relationship. They were free to continue to go to the ball games together and go off camping together, and for a while they did. Occasionally, I’d go along with them, but most times they went off on their own. But I guess no matter how hard you try to pretend otherwise, our marriage did make a difference to their relationship, and certainly over the last couple of months we’d started to see less of Jake.
Jeremy couldn’t understand it, and even though I had an idea what the problem might be, it wasn’t something that I could just blurt out. And if I had, I doubt Jeremy would have believed me. So, one Friday might Jeremy invited Jake over for dinner and flatly refused to take no for an answer, he was determined to find out what the problem was. As he kept on saying: “you can’t start to resolve something until you know what it is,” and Jake was too important in his life to just let things fade away. The dinner went quite well as the three of us laughed and joked and told stories of happenings at our respective work places, but as soon as the dinner was over it was clear that Jake was becoming uncomfortable, and was looking for an excuse to leave.
Finally Jeremy could stand it no longer and jumped to his feet, “Ok Jake, what’s the problem? You’re as uncomfortable as a cat on a hot tin roof, and you’ve been deliberately avoiding us of late. Hell, I even had to badger you to get you to come tonight. Come on, out with it!”

All Male Fiction: Love Thy Neighbor

By: LeCoeurDeGlace & Ryan Michaels

It started, oddly enough, with skunks. I woke up and my house was possessed by the unholy smell of them. After a day and a half of trying to soak the house in air-freshener, I knew I had no choice but to consult the most powerful advisor a gay man has.
“Mom, it’s driving me crazy. How the hell does one deal with a skunk infestation?”
She told me she’d call me back after talking to my stepdad and, sure enough, a few minutes later she did. The apparent remedy to the (unbeknownst to me) yearly invasion of skunks underneath my house was mothballs.
There was no way in hell that I was about to climb under the house and possibly face an unknown number of skunks. As luck would have it, my next door neighbor’s son-in-law, Derek, was nice enough to choose that moment to arrive home. Derek and his wife lived in the basement apartment of her parent’s house, and I had the hots for him! I was sure he had seen my subtle (ok, maybe not so subtle) signs of lust ever since he had moved in a little over a year ago, but so far had chosen not to comment on them.
No one could blame me for my attraction. He was handsome, with a slim but toned build, built by his love of dismantling things to sell the scrap metal for quick cash. His eyes were a piercing blue that made my cock throb with just a look. His hair was always in a ponytail, which on others I had never liked, but he made it work.
After calling out to him and meeting him half way between our two properties, I explained the problem and asked if he could take care of it for me, offering to pay him for his services. While discussing it, he apparently had noticed my sad attempt at discreetly looking at his very nice package every time he or I said mothballs. The rest of the time I avoided looking at him since I would blush slightly, and I’m sure my attraction couldn’t be hidden.

Friday, March 15, 2013

All Male True Experience: Mouth Gang Bang

By: slavetothedick

Hey guys, I wanted to tell you about a hot time I had last weekend. I am gay, and while I like doing all the regular sex stuff with guys, what I like most is sucking cock. My username says it all: slavetothedick. And I am just that.
I usually go to the baths when I want to suck some cock, and usually always find at least one to suck before I leave. On this night I went late, after the bar, and the place was busy! I knew I would be getting some cock to suck for sure.

Bisexual Fiction: Couples Therapy

By: biggshow13 & Ryan Michaels

Finding myself in the middle of a pussy drought, I was headed to the porn shop to rent a few DVD’s to beat my meat to. The adult video store was not too far from where I lived, and I went there semi-regularly to rent porn. The store also had video booths in the back and I had heard that guys would offer head to other guys back there, but I could never get up the nerve to find out. I had been with a guy before, just one, a long time ago, and while I had enjoyed myself, I remember feeling a little guilty about it. I’d like to think that I’ve grown as a person since then, and that the guilt wouldn’t be a factor if I were ever to try it again. I did think about it though, and often rubbed one out thinking about what it would be like, usually while watching bisexual porn.
When I entered the store I was a bit surprised when I saw that there were a couple of women there as well. Not that I have never seen any women in there, but it was rare. Normally it was pretty much just guys whenever I went there, so this was a pleasant change. One of them was dressed casually, looking at sex toys with a guy, probably her boyfriend. But it was the other girl that really caught my eye. She was wearing a very thin blouse, and a bra that had to be a couple of sizes too small by the way her tits overflowed it. Her shapely legs came out of a skirt that would be considered indecent pretty much anywhere else, it was so short.
I was already very horny (hence the trip to the store to get porn), but the sight of that woman had my cock stirring in my pants. I needed to get home and get off, sooner rather than later, so I quickly made my way to the rack of straight porn, browsing the titles and picking out one that looked good. I then moved over to the rack featuring bisexual porn. I liked variety.
As I was browsing the titles and reading boxes someone else started browsing as well. From the corner of my eye I could see that it was the woman who had been looking at the sex toys. ‘Damn, why couldn’t it have been the other one,’ I thought, not that this one wasn’t easy on the eyes, too. ‘It doesn’t really matter anyway. Not like you are going to get either of their pussies anyway,’ I told myself.
“Excuse me,” she suddenly said as she reached her arm in front of me to pick up a DVD box. I just smiled, gave her a quick once over and went back to reading my own box.
“Hi, sorry to bother you,” she said a few moments later. “Do you rent a lot of these, bisexual porn movies?”
“I’ve rented my fair share,” I said.
“Oh good, then maybe you can help me. Can you tell me which one is a good one?”
“Sure,” I said and scanned over the rack. “This one’s a pretty good one from what I remember,” I said a few seconds later.
“Oh good,” she said happily as she took it from me. “My boyfriend always ends up picking out crappy ones. That’s him over there,” she said pointing to the guy I had seen her with when I came in. “He’s trying to decide which dildo he wants to buy.”
“Oh, well shouldn’t you be in on the decision making process, since it’s for you?” I said.
She laughed. “Oh, no, it’s not for me, it’s for him.”

All Male Fiction: Three Doors Down

By: Head4U40272

Jason lived three doors down from me, in a small one-bedroom basement apartment with his girlfriend Cassie. They were a cute couple, and I really thought the world of them both. When I first met Jason, I didn’t like him at first. He was always making anti-gay comments, and whenever I was looking at him in the course of conversation, he looked at me awkwardly as if he were thinking, “you better not be checking me out!” Indeed, it was probably awkward, because I couldn’t help but check him out.
Have you ever seen those men who just seem to have it all? Jason was just that, a tanned, toned, all around god-like creature… and completely homophobic.
Fear is funny to me, because Jason was always trying to bring up the fact that I was gay, and then put a negative “this disgusts me” spin on it. However, there is a fine line between love and hate (apparently that is true) because he wouldn’t go away! My apartment was on the main floor of a house, and he would spend every waking moment with me, playing video games, watching TV, or downloading music on the computer. He was, for some reason, spending more time with someone that disgusted him than his own girlfriend.
Cassie noticed this too and undoubtedly was going over in her mind why her man suddenly preferred to hang out with a gay dude, instead of her. I watched her change in the coming weeks, and she even started to wear more revealing clothing. She didn’t despise me, and apparently she liked me and confided to me about their relationship.
“Right now, there is no sex,” she said. “It’s frustrating because I swear to god I think he is in love with you,” she bellowed.

All Male Fiction: The College Lockers

By: Lucas Miller

My favorite place to hang out when I was younger was the locker room. I was fortunate to live only a few minutes from a small university and would spend my younger days just wandering around the men’s locker room.

At that time I was only sixteen, but no one seemed to notice that I had found my way into the place. In fact, it was as if they didn’t even see me. That made it all the better. I could sit on one of the benches and watch the crowds of naked men walk around, their cocks swaying back and forth as they did so. I didn’t consider myself gay; just curious. However, looking back I realize that my “curiosity” included not only wanting to compare the size of my dick with these older guys, but also wanting to touch them and put them in my mouth.

I was kind of proud to see that some of the guys had smaller dicks than I did. There were, however, more who were much larger than I was and that excited me. I hoped to grow to their size (and I probably have).
During most of my visits, I would have to go to the bathroom stall and jerk off. I would think about the many men toweling off or stretching or just touching themselves as they completed their after workout routine. Occasionally, I would see a half-hard or even an erect cock, but that was rare - most of the time their dicks were limp. I liked seeing soft cocks. My fantasy at that time was taking one of their soft dicks and making it hard. I liked the idea of me giving someone that kind of pleasure.
The more I went to the lockers, the more comfortable I got at looking at the guys. Instead of just sitting and watching them, I would often choose one or two guys that caught my eye and follow them around a little. I would watch them remove their workout clothes and follow them toward the showers. I would hang back far enough to not be obvious, but close enough to see them washing their bodies in the communal showers. Sometimes they would look my way, but I would pretend to be looking for something or walk away.
From the showers I would follow their steps back to their locker and watch them dry off. This was my favorite part of the routine. I enjoyed watching as they ran their towels over their crotch, making their dicks flop around. Almost always the men would focus most of their drying time on their dick.
Going to the college lockers became a big part of my life. During a particular summer I went their everyday. Toward the end of that summer I turned eighteen and, feeling like I blended in better now, I became even more daring. To get even closer to the gorgeous men, I would bring a towel with me and shower with them. I would usually take the shower in the corner so that I could hide my hard-on, but I would watch the men around me rub their hands over their bodies.
One day while I showered with a few guys, I was feeling disappointed. The guys in the showers were rather unattractive, to me anyway, and I felt no connection to them. Thinking it was going to be a slow day, I considered drying off and going home. Then he came into the showers. I had seen him before, but not very often. He had dark hair that covered his head and his crotch. The rest of him was smooth. His body was firm, and muscular, but not overly so. His soft cock bounced about as he made his way across the row of showers. Just the sight of him made my young dick twitch. I was happy that my trip had taken a more positive turn.
The man continued to walk past the many empty showers and eventually ended up taking the one right beside me. I tried not to look at him, but it was no use; he had caught my eye long before this day. With him this close to me I could barely breathe.

Bisexual True Experience: That's What Friends Are For

By: northern_beaches_27

I had always been slightly curious, but, given that I’d only experienced women before, I considered myself to be straight.
Things started to change for me with my first serious girlfriend, Megan. We used to sit around and talk about fantasies, even though we were vastly inexperienced and only 19 years old. We got chatting about threesomes and I mentioned that I’d love to have one. She was concerned at the thought of seeing me with another woman, which was when I explained that I wanted a threesome with another guy. She didn’t seem fazed by this, at all. In fact, I think it turned her on almost as much as it did me. Every time we spoke about it, which was usually when we were drunk, I got a massive hard-on.
One night we’d had some friends over to her parent’s house while they were away at the cottage for the weekend. Oh, not a wild party or anything, just a half dozen or so friends of ours. We had all sat around throwing back beers and smoking up. The TV was on but no one was really watching it. It was a fun night and when we’d finished drinking and getting high, a few left and a few were passed out and we just left them there and headed up to her bedroom to make out.
When we got there, we, as usual when we were a bit drunk, started chatting about threesomes again. As we theoretically teased our way around the subject, our clothes were quickly removed and we were both visibly turned on. The sticking point in our chat was anal play, which neither of us had done before.
The next thing I knew she was nestled in my balls, licking and stroking my cock with one hand, using her tongue to expertly suck on my sack. Without hesitation she began moving down, so I arched my back slightly to give her access, and much to my groaning and vocal pleasure, I felt her tongue flicking and licking around my asshole. No one had ever done that before and I was loving every second!
Just as I thought I couldn’t get any more, she arose, bent over in front of me and instructed me that it was my turn. My tongue penetrated her ass and I ate her hole like there was no tomorrow. I was using my hand and fingers to rub her bald pussy while parting her ass cheeks to eat her sweet butt.
“Fucking hot!” I looked around startled to see that one of our mutual friends, Jason, was standing in the doorway to her bedroom, watching our every move. “I was just on my way back from the bathroom and I could hear you guys.”

All Male True Experience: Almost Home Alone

Unknown Author

I'm a construction worker, tall and lean and, at 42, still toned to keep up with the younger guys at work. Winter weather being unpredictable, I got home early one day and was glad to have the house all to myself. My wife and kids wouldn't be home for a few hours so I took the opportunity to enjoy the Penthouse magazines and fuck-films I was able to sneak into the house. (The wife doesn't like me watching that stuff – says it gives me ideas; well, honey, newsflash: I think about getting off all the time!)
The only set-top DVD player was in the family room so I popped in a disc and flopped down on the sofa. Now, on the back wall, which is to the side of the couch, there are a row of windows, and a French door that is situated so that if you walked in that door, you would walk in to the open floor space between the couch and the TV. Even so, the room is at the rear of the house so I wasn't worried about people seeing me.

All Male Fiction: Window Watchers

Unknown Author

“Hey, Pete, c’mere.”
My lover moseyed into the garage, carrying his mug of after-dinner coffee, which he almost dropped when he saw what I was doing. “Jesus Christ, Sean. You said you were coming out here to get your gym bag out of the car, and instead you’re pulling on your dick in the garage. What’s going on?”
“Just come over here and look,” I whispered, beckoning him with one hand, while the other stayed wrapped around my man-meat, stiff as a tire iron.
I stood next to the car, peeping out the garage window, which overlooked the neighboring house. Back in the fifties, when these tract houses were built, people scoffed and sang about “little boxes made of ticky-tacky.” They’re still nothing special, and if Pete and I had been able to afford better we’d have done so.
Tastes haven’t changed, but the moral climate sure has. While people in the fifties might have been shocked by what Pete and I were watching, nowadays they’d get off on it.
Lord knows we were. Pete had no sooner joined me at the window than he had his zipper down and was hauling out his delicious uncut meat, which quickly grew stiff in his milking fist.
“That little bastard,” he breathed. “Just look at that meat.”

Straight True Experience: A Warm Summer Night Turns... Hot!

Unknown Author

One summer night, a Friday, my wife Jamie and I decided to grab a couple of cold drinks and head out to the front porch, to escape the humid air in our non-air conditioned home, and hopefully cool off a bit before bed, something we had done numerous times before in the three years we had lived in our home.
We lived in an older neighborhood with tree lined streets and large two-story homes, and as we sat on the porch, the air was heavy and still, and the smells and night sounds of summer surrounded us, heightening our senses.
Most of the houses were dark, it was 1am after all, but I noticed there were lights on in the living room of the house across the street, the curtains open, most likely to bring in the evening breeze.
Our neighbors across the street had only moved in about a month prior. We had never met them yet, they seemed to keep to themselves when they were at home. We had seen them though, coming home, or getting in their cars to go out, and could see that they were a young couple, probably in their late twenties, just like us.
As my wife and I were quietly enjoying our cold drinks, I stood and moved to the porch railing, to try to catch some more of the cooler night air. I hadn’t been standing at the rail long when I sensed movement, and the window across the street caught my eyes again.
I glanced up and over at it, and to my surprise and delight a young, naked woman walked past the open window and sat on the couch, which was positioned on a 90 degree angle in relation to the window. I only had a quick close-up glance of her naked body, but what I saw was quite nice, and as she sat I could still see and admire her firm young breasts. Of course, I stared openly, enjoying the view.
My wife soon caught my gaze and came to stand beside me, asking what I was looking at. After looking over that way herself, seeing what I was staring at, she began tugging at my arm, pulling at me with the exasperation women typically show when their man openly eyes another women, but suddenly she stopped tugging my arm. The man of the house had now appeared, completely naked as well, and with that addition Jamie seemed in less of a rush to get my eyes off that window.
He was also young and fit, and with his back to the window, we had a view of his tight ass... the kind many women seem to like. When he turned in front of his wife or girlfriend - we had no idea if they were married or not - giving us a profile view, it was obvious that he was already becoming excited, and that he was pretty nicely endowed. We stood motionless while quietly watching, and things quickly became more interesting.